December Streaming Schedule

Chante Goodman

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Hayo coaster friends!

So how about that Planet Coaster: Console Edition announcement? We hope you enjoyed the anniversary stream with Producer Lloyd Morgan-Moore, who shared more information on how Planet Coaster will be played on consoles.

Here is the Planet Coaster December streaming schedule:

TUESDAY 03/12/2019 12PM UTC

Let's Play with Chanté

TUESDAY 10/12/2019 12PM UTC

Let's Play with Chanté

WEDNESDAY 18/12/2019 7PM UTC

Planet Party with Bo and Chanté

We are having a Planet Party stream with both Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster! The stream will begin at 7PM UTC with Planet Zoo, including a call with San Diego Zoo. Then, at around 7:45PM UTC, we will move to Planet Coaster!

Although we will have San Diego Zoo as guests on Wednesday, 18 December, we will be celebrating the Planet franchise as a whole before we break for Christmas.

We hope you will join us!
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