Deciat - Farseer being camped/ganked/pirated

Deciat - Farseer being camped/ganked/pirated - Whatever you want to call it!

Just a friendly warning... I mean my 2 mil ASP isn't really much to lose in the grand scheme of things when I have billions in the bank and 6 other ships. Hope they're having fun though... glad to see the crime and security system is working well :D :D :D :D :D :D

Might go back and fight em if I can be arsed.

Don't want any newbie commanders falling into a trap.

Sorry OP, this is kind of normal. Engineer systems and Jameson are long-term murderhobo hangouts. Not defending it, it’s just OLD bad news. Go to engineers in solo or be prepared to get jumped.
Nah I'm staying in OPEN but nowt wrong with warning people :)
Good for you, OP.

Elivra Martuuk is a good alternative to Farseer for new players. Got the sweet FSD, shield generator, and drive upgrades plus significantly lower Commander traffic. Also gets you on the path to the glorious Dr. Palin.

Afterward you can hit up the rest of the opening engineers and head to Deciat much better prepared.
I use XBox Game Bar to capture vids with. [Windows]+G
I use OBS, but only run it at certain times, the frame rate hit is hard when running with VR unfortunately. I've come across an Anti Engineer Terrorist twice in the past year, hilarious. I'd be surprised if any top PVPer's are involved, the last guy couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.
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