Deciat - Farseer being camped/ganked/pirated

I wanna say ROTV has been in the Deciat area lately, and in fairly large number.

IED as well if I remember right.

ToC has been known to drop by there and cause a little trouble from time to time, among others.

If you just want some PvP, NF and DRTY co are pretty active in the Shinrarta area, as are IGA and some of CLB’s better pilots from time to time. EXO, too.

There’s some smaller groups out there with some really great pilots, and some independent guys as well. You’d probably have the most luck in Shinrarta.

I’ve kinda been going back and forth between Shinrarta and Deciat trying to catch some action lately.

It’s hit and miss, but lately it hasn’t been too bad.
I thought FD fixed the engineer bases so they responded to crimes?

Whenever I go patrolling at the Farseer base, no one is ever there. 🙄
No, they didn´t.

If you kill a clean commander 500 meters away from farseer, you will get a bounty on your head, but the station won´t fire on you, unless you hit the base. I am quite sure (not 100%) that this is a bug and these gankers are exploiting it. If you do the same beside a Coriolis it would blow you in pieces, but not in Felicity.
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I just prepare myself before I jump to Deciat. If I see on radar some CMDR gangs then I jump to another system to do other things.
Try to have a look at squadron tags before you leave if you can, we are always worried that people will drop in, see three hollow triangles and run away, when we're there to protect. :)

I think I remember you in Wyrd 2 or 3 days ago, isn´t it?

I remember you entered in the system, about 6 ships were there and firstly yo stoped just beside the star until we told you we were guarding the system XD
That's right, it was just before we engaged Galahad, Maxwell and Borbi. :)
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