Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Decorations and Scenery and Terrain tools need to fix game

TERRAIN TOOLS: There are Still some items in Terrain tools that could improve Terrain tools more.

Alpine Forests Tool: Forest tool is basically our default Tool for making Forests in the game but it makes it a little boring so my request is to add alpine forest Terrain tool with a symbol like this....🌲 make it feel like we have variety making forest in the game.

Fern Shrubs: Ferns are a edible food for some of our dinosaurs however I feel like that's kind of a waste considering that some of our exhibits can't resemble prehistoric exhibits that we would want and since in the paleontology record shows ferns we're apart of the main diet of many dinosaurs, and also it would be cool to see ferns all over the ground and my Parasaurolophus exhibit covered with ferns making it look prehistoric. A must Frontier a must.

SCENERY ITEMS: of course we cannot forget about scenery items neither there's still a few items missing to make it look really prehistoric and lost world kind of feel torug's if it's too so here are what is needed.

ALPINE TREES: Alpine Forests in Terrain tools needs a Scenery item counterpart Medium or Large, Wide or Skinny trees a Item that would massively improve Scenery items.


TREE FERNS: Of course you can't have a Mesozoic Exhibit without Tree Ferns or a Walking with Dinosaurs feel into this game, Big or Medium. This item will help the game a lot.

Volcanic Rock Painting: of course a new paint for Terrain painting it would be awesome to make a volcanic Exhibit.

DECORATION ITEMS: with this is the most crucial part in creating creative parks in JWE to expand into variety of many decorations here what's needed to improve this section of the game to improve our parks.

John A, Hammond Statue: as the father and founder of Jurassic park and Jurassic world its Frontier who has a chance to add a memorable character from the original Jurassic Park Trilogy and also to remind us that this game is still a part of the Jurassic Park\world universe plus it would be an awesome with benches surrounding this statue as a rest place for guests who have been walking all day and also taking selfies in front of the statue. Also This Section should be apart of DLC Expansion.

Spinosaurus Skeleton: ah yes we cannot forget about The Spinosaurus Skeleton Decoration as seen in the first Jurassic world movie I would love to see tourists taking pictures of themselves in front of the statue of bones to give more life to the guests.

Benches: of course we cannot forget decorations that include accommodations for our guest especially those who complain about walking long distances to reach a certain area of the park.

Rest areas: basically like all other art Simulator games there needs to be a area for our guests to rest and also use the restroom after long distances walking.

Fountains: we definitely need to see water splashing in a fountain to give it that theme park feel in the game.


Please Frontier Developers please this game needs these improvement, and these are all most needed in JWE. P.S from You're most loyal customer I would definitely buy DLC for all this Except for Terrain tools hoping they're added in the game soon.
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