Buildings & Attractions Decorations/smaller buildings/stands concept art

Cute! :p

Seriously, nice!! I like the information signs, skeleton décor, and resting area. What about fountains and decorative plants?

Please also post it at the feature request section. Perhaps here?
That was my original intention but i couldnt figure out how to get pictures in there for the life of me.
If you edit your post you can copy and paste the pictures with IMG tags into your post there or I could also move this thread but It would need a different title then.
If you would be so kind as to do that, it would be excellent. As far as a new title, probably erhm..... "Decorations/smaller buildings/stands concept art"?
I agree to love the signs, all of this is amazing, great work Sponges! While I hope this will be in an update, I would pay for this in a DLC too.
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