Default Keybinds, internationalized

Hi everybody,

I'd like to make a suggestion to help those of us with non-EN/US keyboards. I myself am german, so the first line with characters on my keyboards reads from left to rigt: QWERTZ and the last line reads YXCVB. Notice how the Y and Z keys are swapped comapred to an EN/US keyboard. Now, I can understand that to keep the location of the bound keys similar between the various keyboard layouts, the game decides to use the scan codes, that means, while EN/US keyboard users use Z to rotate, I use Y, which is located at the same position on the keyboard. So far, so good.

The point is however that there are some keyboard-bound actions which are not limited to Planet Coaster, like UNDO/REDO. Even on a german keyboard, throughout all software that I know UNDO is CTRL-Z and REDO is CTRL-Y. Only in Planet Coaster is this not true, because Planet Coaster uses the scan codes and therefore swaps the meaning of those actions - which really irritated me in the beginning a lot. For those actions the game should be using the de-facto-standard key mapping instead as a default behaviour. I know I can change it in the options, but I think it should be changed in the default setting, since most e.g. germans are expecting it to be that way. I think that french keyboard users experience the same problem. It's only a minor annoyance but it should be easy to fix.