Ships Defeating Hatch Breaker Limpets

I was looking at some online forums and they said that Point Defense or ECM can defeat them (hatch breaker limpets), but only if you place it near the hatch. Looking at the Utility Mounts in Outfitting, how can you see which one is close the hatch? I have a Imperial Cutter. There are 8 locations. I can kinda see which ones are on the top or bottom, but not if it is near the hatch. Anyone know what number down from the top should be the one to use for Point Defense placement?

Ecm works best. Also effective against missiles where point defence lacks.
Point defence works anywhere but the logical side is the bottomside where your hatch is; unless you are going to the guardian ruins...
Rolling and rolling and rolling also works well. They travel about 300 m/s

Any position from which the PDT has line-of-sight to the cargo hatch is fine. On the Cutter that's the utility mounts on the underside of the engine nacelles. One suffices. You can see where they are in outfitting otherwise fly the ship outside and use the external camera to see where they are.
ECM is for torpedoes and has to be activated. Pointe defense is for missiles and is automatic.
Place a pointe defense on top and bottom of the Cutter and you should be good to go.
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