Demographics: What's the average CMDR age?

I’m in my early 30’s, that is to say we had invented stone tools already when I was a kid.

Elite definitely skews older than most games, or at least it’s a more even mix. Most pilots I’ve encountered on console seem to be in their late twenties or thirties with quite a few much older than that. I’ve only met one teenager.

That’s quite a reversal from other games I’ve played.

I suspect that the Xbox/PS4 group is slightly younger on average than PC simply because it’s more accessible. That, and I still find some truly ridiculous gamertags on Xbox.

I’m looking at you, CMDR xX360noScopeBLAZEITXx.
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I was watching several videos about Elite and others about how to get a proper gaming seat, etc. And I noticed that most (not all) of the people making videos were above 35 years of age, even 40. This is a little higher than the estimated average age of the gamer of about 31 yo.

Anyone knows if this is real or it is just a biased observation from me? Are there demographic data about Elite players?
The average age is 50!
Because we have people playing this game from 0 to 100! And NO, they don't respect the PEGI!
My age is irrelevant the moment I load the game and slip on my HMD. I’m ten or eleven again only this time round my dreams came true and I’m inside a game that fires my imagination like only books had done previously.

My actual age requires me to suspend my disbelief in a way the ten/eleven year old me wouldn’t understand but it’s easy enough to do in-game, in-forum slightly less easy ;)

I’m 45. Tried to play the original on my Dad’s ‘God knows what’ (he had a Dragon 32 for a while but I think Elite was on his Amstrad somethingorother) but it was hard to ever shift him - my memories are a constant loop of him attempting to dock; just gently rolling and rolling before crashing as spectacularly as you can with wire frame graphics. He may have been my first experience of rage-quitting😁. I missed the subsequent games as I discovered bad influences, a propensity for teenage rebellion, followed by Uni which was much the same but camouflaged by talking earnestly (to girls I liked) about things I didn’t fully understand (but they probably did.) Eventually I left, got a job, grew up and only then got into gaming again - some fifteen to twenty years after last playing Chuckie Egg, Spy vs Spy or Way of the Exploding Fist.

My final admission is that I bought the game on Steam around 2016 but took two years to actually load it up and get much money did I waste in CoD games in that time?
I am a 51 year old class of ‘84 er. Bought Elite the day it arrived in the local shop (imagine that! A shop with, you know, real things in it..) and still have the receipt for fifteen quid that seemed like a small fortune at the time. Became Elite about 3 months later, if I remember rightly, still got the letter and everything.

I have purchased exactly two games since then. One was “Frontier”, and the other is Elite Dangerous, obviously.


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I'm 65, 66 in October, and used to watch my husband play the original game when it first came out on the BBC computer. When he told me about the Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous I just had to get involved. Although I had never played myself at the time, during the intervening years I had been playing WW2 combat sims (Air Warrior and Aces High) so had got used to 'flying' and already had full HOTAS and rudder pedals. :)
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