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Hmm I suspect some of my colleagues on the Mod team are plotting blame holograms as we speak...
No faction ad's but how about things like Fuel Rats or Buckyball Racing Club?
Why no faction ads? The Playerfactions are a really big part of the Elite universe and including them more into the game would help that this universe it is not that sterile anymore
Just to put it out there, if anyone does create a good quality Fuel Rats or Buckyball poster expect a mountain of +rep :)
Yeah ditto. I asked the question but I'm no graphics designer. I might have a stab at it but if anyone else wants a shot at a Fuel Rat advert then go for it!
On CQC discord someone suggested a picture of the best CQC performer each week.. That sounds awesome, but it would be hard to implement as there are no built in game ranking system like that.

Brett C

Folks, when submitting your creation to us via email, it HAS TO BE TITLED "Elite Dangerous - Advert Submission - Contest".

We've setup filters on our end to be able to quickly find the submissions titled 'Elite Dangerous - Advert Submission - Contest'. I've amended a small portion in the email submission area to denote as such. Thanks.

i know you have said that you're not looking for faction recruitment ads, however one of our main factions is an in game adopted corporate faction.... would that be eligible?
Oh dang, this is a cool idea. Definitely gonna try to get at least one entry in. I just need to figure out what exactly the ad should be for... ideas would be welcome.
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Could fit on a wide variety of threatening Thargoid imagery, both implying the Thargoids are out there and AEGIS is around to help, depending on your disposition.

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