Developer Journal | Countdown to Launch!

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo coaster friends!

We are almost there! In just a matter of days, Planet Coaster: Console Edition will launch! We can't wait for you all to experience the game on a gamepad, and we're looking forward to seeing what you all create. The dev team have been working hard to make Planet Coaster a reality for console, and they'd like to share what they're feeling while we're so close to launch!

"I have been working on Planet Coaster: Console Edition since the early prototype phase, where we tried controlling the original game with a gamepad and some simple button assignments. We've come a long way since then! I think our heroic UI Coders and Designers deserve special mention for their efforts on Planet Coaster: Console Edition. They effectively re-made the entire game's user interface and created a new integrated sharing platform, all so that console players have an experience that is absolutely tailored to them. I can't wait to download the latest and greatest creations from you all!" - Lead Designer Andy Fletcher.

"I can't wait to see all the new members of the PlanCo Fam creating and sharing new ideas and creations. For me, building a coaster on the gamepad for the first time has been my best memory. My favourite coaster in real life was Air in Alton Towers, back before the days of VR. There's so many people I would say thanks to, but Alex Paine and Andy Fletcher especially, for supporting my role in the development of the game so well." - Designer Darren Williams.

"I've been working on Planet Coaster: Console Edition since the start of development. It was awesome to get to play the new Tutorial from start to finish; it's a really good place to get to grips with all the new controls, and it was so cool to see all the new interfaces come together for that first level. Plus, the new cast of characters are funny. I'm looking forward to browsing the Frontier Workshop to see the creations that the PlanCo Fam put together! You're all so talented, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of new budding designers when the game launches. I'm a big fan of The Smiler at Alton Towers, I'll try to ride it at least two, or three, times whenever I visit. Finally, shoutout to my favourite soda-drinking T-Rex, Gulpee!" - Gameplay Programmer Rob Chisholm.

"Seeing how the controls have developed, especially for the coaster building and how natural it felt, was really encouraging. It's been lovely to be part of the QA team, and seeing the time and effort they have put into the project, to help shape such a wonderful game. I've got too many favourite rides and coasters, but I'll pick out the Hollywood Tower of Terror from Disneyland Paris!" - Senior QA Area Lead Laurie Cooper.

"It's been great to be a part of all the wonderfully positive, passionate people behind the game. It was truly special playing on the gamepad for the first time, and experiencing how awesome the game is! I can't wait to use the Frontier Workshop, so I can add all of your creations to my park. My favourite coaster is The Rutschebanen in Bakken (Denmark)." - Head of Brand Marketing Marilena Papacosta.

"Looking back, my favourite memory from development was working on the Frontier Workshop and the simulation speed controls in the bottom right, with the modifier buttons. I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with and put on the Workshop! I'd also like to use this as an opportunity to shoutout UI Designer Jason Ware for his incredible efforts and work ethic. Favourite ride in real life? The Joris en de Draak, a wooden racing roller coaster in The Efteling!" - Lead UI Design Daan Leenders.

"It's been amazing seeing how excited everyone has been for this game, so I can't wait for the response when you can play it, and what new creations you'll post on the Frontier Workshop. It was great when the initial previews came in, and how positive the response was. It was the culmination of many months of hard work, and we know how much you've been anticipating this release, so we really wanted it to live up to your expectations. It's scary when you finally release your work out into the world not knowing how people will react, so seeing those first impressions was a really special moment for me. To the "New Starter Group" at Frontier (most of whom have been here over a year now) - you're all brilliant human beings, thanks for some great memories and here's to more in the future!" - UI Designer Jason Ware.

"It's been fun seeing some of our amazing player-created stress-test parks running on console for the first time, and it'll be just as fun seeing what you all create with the tools we've provided to a whole new audience! I'd like to shoutout Brad, he's done a great job leading the Coding Team! And my favourite coaster is The Swarm in Thorpe Park." - Principal Gameplay Programmer Mark Allen.

"Getting to work on Planet Coaster: Console Edition has been a dream come true - it's been so cool to bring the incredible experience to console. The PlanCo Fam will always have a special place in my heart, they're the first community I worked with, and now getting to see them grow and expand is wonderful. My favourite memory from development was sitting in a room with my team towards the end of last year, and seeing the devs demo the game for us for the first time. The room was silent, as everyone was so amazed at how it looked and ran on console. It felt like the team created something truly special, and I am glad to be a part of it. Shoutout to my ex-Lead, Bo, for getting me on this project, I've had a great time, and also my family for the support. As everyone who watches my streams knows, my favourite ride is the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris, although the Joris en de Draak from Efteling is also a blast, especially when you're on it with the PlanCo Fam in the rain!" - Community Manager Chanté Goodman.

"I loved seeing all of the new blueprints making their way into the game as the Art Team were creating them. I would always load up my game when I could to take a look at the amazing designs they had put together! I'd like to give a special mention to all the content creators out there who play the game in ways we never even imagined; they have fed into the changes we've made for the console version, and have enabled us to really add some exciting new features. I'm a huge fan of Nemesis at Alton Towers, the intensity of that second turn before you drip into the pit is so much fun!" - Producer Lloyd Morgan-Moore.

"I greatly enjoyed playing the Tutorial for the first time, and seeing it all come together. It's easy to lose sight of the whole game when you're focused on small features one at a time, and the Tutorial touches on so many parts of the game. It was lovely to see. I'm looking forward to seeing your reactions to how the game has changed to work with a gamepad. I've been amazed with the things Design have come up with to make it so easy - I prefer a gamepad to a mouse now, and I never thought that would happen! To the friends I have made since I started at Frontier: you're a really lovely group of people who have made me feel so lucky to work with you." - Gameplay Programmer Hazel Dewsnap.

"I have been on the Planet Coaster: Console Edition team for about a year and a half now. I can't wait to have our game open to more people, whether they're on current or next-gen, Xbox or PlayStation. On top of that, it will be great to see what creations you upload to the Frontier Workshop. My favourite coaster is Stormforce 10 at my local park, Drayton Manor. Also, I'd like to give a quick shoutout to my mum, Tracey, I know she reads these!" - Gameplay Programmer Sam Cipolat.

"I have been on Planet Coaster: Console Edition for a year and a half now. It's been great to work on a coaster park simulator, I joined the company after Planet Coaster had launched on the PC and I am grateful to have this opportunity. It will be interesting to see the differences between console and PC players when it comes to their creations!" - Core Programmer Johan Holthausen.

"Booting up the game for the first time on next-gen consoles and seeing how good it felt right away running in 4K, for sure. It's wonderful to be able to be there on launch day for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5! I'm looking forward to checking the Frontier Workshop each day to see what you've created. I'm sure there will be loads of amazing blueprints and parks every time I open up that Popular Creations tab. I have a lot of memories on Stealth at Thorpe Park, it will always have a special place in my life. I grew up nearby Thorpe and would frequent the park when I was younger. Stealth was always the highlight of my visit, although I'm glad I never had to experience one of its famed roll-backs!" - Lead Programmer Bradley Pollard.

"Just being able to work on such a beautiful project with the world's most talented people, and being able to count them among my friends is the best feeling there is. The fact that Planet Coaster is now so accessible to everyone with Console Edition allows us to see the genuine reactions for millions of people, who I know will fall in love with this game. To Rudi, DeLadysigner, Silvarret, and all the wonderful community peeps, my amazing son Saul who keeps me young, and the immortal, unbreakable, all seeing, all knowing: Team Scream, thank you! My favourite rollercoaster is the now extinct Son of Beast." - Art Director Sam Denney.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition will launch on the 10 November, and make sure you pre-order if you'd like to get your hands on Oswald's Magnificent Machine, our exclusive pre-order bonus!
I am really looking forward to this game. Out of all the launch titles on Xbox Series X and PlayStaion 5, Planet Coaster Console Edition is the one game I am looking forward the most to play.

With the launch so close, can we PLEASE get some details on the Next Gen versions? All we have been told is 4k and that is it. Many are wondering if it is Native 4k? What is the frame rate? Are there any other improvements over the regular Xbox/PS4 versions such as shadow quality or textures levels etc?
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