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Since we announced Planet Coaster: Console Edition, we've had a fabulous time welcoming new members into our community. As this is a new project with new community members, we'd like to introduce you to some of the team who are working hard on Planet Coaster: Console Edition! If you'd like to learn more about how the game will play on consoles, we did a livestream with Producer Lloyd Morgan-Moore in November, during which he shared some new information! You can watch that here:

The team have been thrilled to finally announce Planet Coaster: Console Edition. A project that has been requested from our community for years, they loved seeing the reaction from the community when we announced at XO19.

"Seeing the announcement trailer live at XO19 was an amazing feeling, as it's the first time I've ever been involved in a game that had a surprise reveal like that," said Producer Lloyd Morgan-Moore. "The hype around it online was incredible to be a part of, and it was wonderful to see so many people happy that we were able to bring it to console. It also helps that the trailer was perfect for the general feeling of Planet Coaster; I still laugh when the coaster smashes through the room at the end!"

"Absolutely. I had a great time watching the game get announced at XO19, it's my favourite memory so far as it suddenly made the project a reality," agreed UI Designer Jason Ware.

Lead Designer Andy Fletcher added: "There's nothing else quite like it on consoles, both in terms of the park management gameplay and the level of customisation on offer. It's also a really relaxing gameplay experience, and the best place to play those is definitely on the living room sofa."

The community have been vital to encouraging the development team to undertake this large, challenging project. But, with images of how much fun a new player-base will have in their thoughts, the team are so excited to work on the project. "I cannot wait to bring Planet Coaster to a whole new group of people!" Programmer Philippa Moore explained. "We always talk about the community and how important they are, because it's true; the best thing about being part of Planet Coaster is seeing the incredible creations people come up with. I'm really excited to see what a whole new player base do when they get their hands on the console version.”

"I can't wait to bring Planet Coaster to consoles," said Lead Gameplay Programmer Bradley Pollard. "It was already a very accessible game, thanks to the fact you can really play it however you want - pause the game and take as long as you need to build something; disable the management features in Sandbox Mode, or download fantastic blueprints from our community. By bringing it to console, it'll become available to a whole new audience."

"Planet Coaster is in a genre that isn't all that common outside of PC, and we're getting to bring Planet Coaster to a whole new audience! It'll be exciting for us," Principle Gameplay Programmer Mark Allen said.

"It has been a big challenge to do this project. However, we've got a great team with bags of relevant experience, and a wonderful community supporting us, so I'm sure it'll all turn out fantastic." said Lead Principle UI Developer Jonathan Pace.

"I'm excited to see how people react to the challenges we've overcome to bring the game to console, and the new features we've implemented as part of this. I think a few of them will go down very, very well and that people will be pleasantly surprised with what we've managed to do. I'm also excited to see what the community can do when it comes to blueprints and parks," Lloyd said in agreement. "I hope they will continue to amaze us with their creations on console, as browsing through videos of rides and parks is one of my favourite things to do on my lunch break!"

"Seeing the community react to the news really reminded me why we do what we do! I'm really excited to finally be able to play the game myself at home, but also to see a new audience experience the joy of Planet Coaster for the first time." Jason added.

Game Director Gary Richards also shares these sentiments. "Planet Coaster is something a bit different to the traditional genre of games you tend to get on console, and I'm really looking forward to welcoming a new community to Planet Coaster and seeing the amazing parks and blueprints they create! Personally, my favourite memory about Planet Coaster: Console Edition's development so far has been playing an early gamepad prototype of path and scenery building. It's been an interesting process to get it to where it is now."

These are just a few members of the team, who are all working hard to bring the ultimate coaster building experience to consoles next summer! It's safe to say that the whole team agrees, they're looking forward to welcoming new community members and seeing all the new creations! Summer really isn't that far away now, and we will be talking to the team more ahead of launch.

However, we couldn't finish this Developer Journal without letting you know that over half of the people in the team said that Chief Beef is their favourite Planet Coaster mascot!? When will Gulpee Rex ever get justice for losing his favourite mascot title?
What I'd really want to hear is something along the lines of "Porting Planet Coaster to console seems like an almost impossible challenge since to date all the development has been geared towards the PC environment, with the focus on creating extremely complex and resource-intensive blueprints and importing your own music, images, video and even models. However with our giant brains we've figured out how to make Planet Coaster an even better game on terrible hardware where you only have a PS4 controller to build with. Also, transports now have shuttle mode."
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