Devide park with themes

It would be cool if you can devide your park into themes (Regions/Districts) . And you can also put a music tune to that part. ( So the game will play the tune of the part that is closest to the camera), this could also make some things less repetetive (you can choose your own sound for every map), because in Rct 1 and 2, the merry go round music would get annoying ( although you could turn it off)

This way you could also make it so the financial tab can show which part does the best. And maybe which part the guests like the most, and which not, this could help you determine what part needs an upgrade. And this could also help rating the scenery rating frontier is already building in.

And if you want to take it to the next level, maybe you can flag those districts to the things that are in it. If some guests would like more chill rides instead of coasters, they know they have to go there, and not walk around the whole park, get tired, get bored etc...
You can already divide your park into different themes, already in RCT3 and choose what music you want to play on every ride, so I think this will continue with Planet Coaster and maybe some of the other things you mentioned as well. I think the dev team are emphasising more on the park management side of things, more than what was possible in RCT3. I never much cared for RCT1 & 2, because they were very much similar and things really took a step forward when RCT3 was released, being able to ride the coasters and much better graphics. I think also that we were all expecting a RCT4 to come out a few years later, but Atari pulled the plug and it never materialised. Now that Frontier have gone independent from Atari. I am really looking forward to the next generation of this genre and I think Planet Coaster will have quite a few new surprises for us all, by the time it gets released. I know Atari are behind the other coaster game, but it was Frontier that gave us RCT, not the set up Atari have doing their version. I am with Planet Coaster on turning out to be the best of the two games.
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