Diaginals Within the Grid System

While I enjoy the grid system used within the game, I think that it could be improved if you could build at angles other than 90 degrees, even it was just 45. The octagonal walls included within the game are nice, but they are too short to make a large octagonal building, something I am a fan of. I realize that this would be possible by creating multiple buildings, but that is far more time consuming than if the grid allowed for diagonal walls. I hope I am not alone in this request.
You might search the forums just a little before posting. Specifically, this one has multiple threads still active with endless debates, suggestions, and what I call "hissy fits" about the building system. Perhaps you should join in there?

Here's one that is pretty rational: link
Yeah, it was actually easier to build in RCT3. But, in PC you can tilt and rotate pieces. To build diagonal walls within a building grid, you build one wall beyond where the edge of your building will be, select that wall by itself then use rotate to make it at an angle, and use the duplicate tool to make more walls or start a new grid by disconnecting the wall from the building.