different bookmark colours

i think it would be useful if we could have different coloured bookmarks that will have different meanings for us, so you can have the standard blue but have say green for exploring waypoints, red for places you've been just something like that (just the colours not really the reason for them) thank you for reading.
I would like to be able to group them. and maybe increase the limit to 250 per group. rather then 250 in total
I would like to be able to group them. and maybe increase the limit to 250 per group. rather then 250 in total
use numbers in front

00 l2
and so on, got mine grouped since long time cause waiting on fix is useless, timewise
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Colors would be great. Shapes would also be great. I'd like to be able to pick things out from the map, without having to plow through 100 or so bookmarks. Iconography is one of the basics of mapping, and it would really make figuring things out a lot faster/easier. (Well, it would for me, anyway.)

But shapes for different kinds of features, like stars, anomalies, sites, stations, and colors for things like Expedition waypoints, "home" stations, favorite stations, etc., would be extremely useful.

I'd like the 250 bookmark boost, of course, but I'd take more colors over that right now.
Totally think this would be a great idea. :)

For example

Blue - Exploration - Visited systems you want to keep at navigation waypoints, or contain 'firsts' you want to keep note of.
Green - Trade - Places you like to visit, trade routes, long haul rares runs.
Red - Materials - Planets or systems which are rich in elements or materials, pristine metal rich mining places, and planets with high content of rock minerals.
Yellow - Combat - Like multi combat zone systems, high intensity zones, or just places close by which have combat. Also resource extraction sites, haz-res and interesting places with local combat with Thargoids.
Orange - Engineers or Hotspots - Use to bookmark elements needed for engineers, or special places which are hot at the moment, like special events, meetups, and races.

There could be an option to change colour on the bookmark tab, chick edit and just a pull down menu with 8 different colours. Then players will decide what to use them for individually.
+1 vote for a “palette” of bookmarks.... relatively new to ED and I would love to tag favorite systems (ex pristine metal rich reserves for mining) or well stocked stations...Haven’t hit the 250 bm limit - but in a galaxy of 100 billion+ star systems - seems woefully inadequate...


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