Different track styles for certain coasters?

The ability to switch between Arrow, Intamin (flat, single spine, and double spine), B&M, and Vekoma track styles would add so much variation to the game and make parks seem much more realistic. After all, not every inverted coaster is made by B&M, you know. If this has no chance of being added into the base game, maybe a mod could do it after release?

Actually, a more interesting idea is to have the ability to choose from multiple companies when building a coaster, each with their own attributes. For example, B&M would be classified as "smooth but loud", Arrow coasters would tend to be more "thrilling but rough", and Intamin would specialize with high G-forces and launch coasters.
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In the current build we only have a fraction of the content we will have in the final release. I'm sure they'll cover all the main coaster types at the minimum.
You're talking about varying the track style the way some Intamin coasters switch between flat, triangular, and square track based on the speed and g-forces in effect at a given place on the circuit I assume. It's realistic, but it seems tedious. I guess it's ok -- I can see where you're coming from.

I'd honestly just prefer it if they got rid of the distinctions between coaster types. I'd rather just select what kind of track I want to work with. Each type of track can have restrictions on what it can and cannot do. A B&M or Intamin double spine can do anything, for example, but a Vekoma or flat Intamin is significantly more limited.