Dijkstra PLC is recruiting ps4 players

Hello and thank you for opening this post.

We at Dijkstra PLC are currently looking for more ps4 members to join our Faction and squadron!
We are a group of players who are friendly, dedicated and generally have a laugh whilst playing for our PMF.
We have members mainly from the UK, US and CA with a couple from the Australia region.

What we ask from our members is that they help us support our Faction bgs work, we do understand that CMDR's do like to go out and explore etc, all we ask is that you help us when we need it.
If you are interested in joining or still on the fence, check out our inara (link below) and pop into our discord if you have questions (link on inara).
Once again, thank you for checking this post out.

Cmdr lancer_206
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