Dinosaur lifespan

Hi, I just completed “easy” challenge mode for southwest U.S.A and I had two big problems.

1. Having negative combat and health traits reduce lifespan by 90% is not reasonable, especially for easy Mode so my suggestion.
Base how much lifespan is reduced by the difficulty
Easy: reduce by 20%
Medium: reduce by 40%
Hard: reduce by 60%
Jurassic: reduce by 80%

2. Dinosaur lifespan is to short in general. When I finally spent a good 7 hours on that challenge mode ( I’m not sure if it counts increased speed)
I got to 4.9 stars I’m serious I’m not lying I literally got to 4.9 stars! But then right as I was about to get that big juicy dinosaur that would definitely of gotten me to 5 stars.(Charcharodontosaurus)A dinosaur died of old age then another and by the time synthesis for the Carcar finished I was down 3 nodosaurs and by the time incubation finished I was down 2 more nodosaurs and a Gigantspinosaurus so when I released the carcar my rating dropped and I would have to make more dinosaurs. But I couldn’t because those were wild nodosaurs and Gigantspinosaurs and chasmosaurs so I couldn’t replace them so I sent more Digteams out to get more genomes and by then more dinosaurs died and it was just an ongoing cycle that took me 3 hours and 45 minutes to beat but if lifespan had been at least 10 years longer I would have made the carcar and got 5 stars no problem.

Short story is lifespan needs a 10-20 year increase for all dinosaurs and don’t try to say “oh well you could have increased lifespan genomes on those dinosaurs” because they were wild dinosaurs I had no control over their genes. Also I have a little bug report
At one point I got prompted to go get 3 wild Eupocepholuses so I sent out the capture team and 2 minutes later they came back and said they captured all three and I pressed the button that made them come back 2 minutes later so two minutes later it prompted me again and I said two more minutes and when they came back I said two more minutes then they never came back and by then the enclosure was ready and I would have said bring them in!
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