Dinosaur skin 50/50 split

Acrocanthosaurus should serve as an example on how to make the best skins for the best dinosaurs in Jurassic World evolution. I believe 3 Skins should be exotic with the unique patterns in different colors similar to the Jungle, wetland, and Vivid, while other players could be satisfied with solid colors Acrocanthosaurus has base skin, Alpine, and step patterning, I really hope Frontier decides to do the exact same thing with other dinosaurs down the line the future because I think this would be the best option that would satisfy both parties that either prefer to have, the wild exotic colors that 1 party would be satisfied with and the other group that would prefer solid colors for their dinosaurs.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

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In many ways I wish they'd do this with all their existing skins too that are lacking in differentiation. I mean, no one can argue that Maiasaura and Parasaurolophus need some love.
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