Dinosaurs Dinosaur Wishlist Mega Thread

JWE 2 Variety Starting Roster list to appease the variety lovers of Dinosaurs

Canon, Semi Canon, and Novel Canon Dinosaurs:

1.Tyrannosaurus Rex
2. Spinosaurus
3. Giganotosaurus
4. Indominus Rex
5. Indoraptor
6. Suchomimus
7. Carnotaurus
8. Baryonyx
9. Metriacanthosaurus
10. Teratophoneus
11. Majungasaurus
12. Concavenator
13. Proceratosaurus
14. Velociraptor
15. Troodon
16. Harrerasaurus
17. Deinonychus= No Crest Please!
18. Brachiosaurus
19. Mamenchisaurus
20. Apatosaurus
21. Dreadnoughtus
22. Alamosaurus
23. Diplodocus
24. Triceratops
25. Sinoceratops
26. Nasutoceratops
27. Pachyrhinosaurus
28. Stegosaurus
29. Euplocephalus
30. Ankylosaurus
31. Peloroplites
32. Parasaurolophus
33. Corythosaurus
34. Edmontosaurus= Regalis and Annecten gene's
35. Hadrosaurus
36. Maiasaura
37. Mussaurus
38. Gallimimus
39. Archaeornithomimus
40. Dryosaurus
41. Microceratus
42. Compsognathus
43. Mononychus
44. Dilophosaurus
45. Allosaurus
46. Pachycephalosaurus
47. Ceratosaurus
48. Styracosaurus
49. Stygimoloch
50. Rugops

JWE2 Deluxe Pack For the deluxe edition
51. Mosasaurus
52. Pteranodon
53. Dimorphodon
54. Lystrosaurus
55. Diametrodon
56. Pyroraptor or Utahraptor from JW Dominion
57. Monolophosaurus
58. Scorpius Rex-E750
59. Ouranosaurus
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JWE2 Deluxe Pack For the deluxe edition
51. Mosasaurus
52. Pteranodon
53. Dimorphodon
54. Lystrosaurus
55. Pyroraptor or Utahraptor from JW Dominion
I don't think they'd be very popular if those were Deluxe content, kind of turning an optional purchase into a mandatory one. I also think you'd want to use the Mosasaurus in branding a lot to really differentiate it from this game, which you can't really justify if it's not in the base game.
Dinosaurs to include into our current game


"Animal house" creature ideas
Inspired by the aviary building from Return to Jurassic Park, perhaps that could be expanded with other, somewhat smaller structures that contain more creatures of the type, like the Pteranodon of said DLC. Assuming there aren't any current definitive laid out plans for such that is. Maybe as an "animal house building pack" or something that would work. I imagine that if storms hit them, depending on the structure, they would either escape ("birds") or simply die off over time if not repaired. Because of how budgets of Frontier's DLCs generally work, I tried to restrict the idea list to a low number as possible.

(Bird cage)

1. Archaeopteryx (Europe): A famous bird-like dinosaur from the Late Jurassic.

2. Microraptor (Asia): A small four-winged dromaeosaur that would've likely been able to perform flight.

(Terrarium - amphibians and reptiles)

3. Kuehneosuchus (Europe): A lizard-like animal with wing-like features that would've allowed it to glide.

4. Rhynchosaurus (Europe): A small Triassic reptile from a group known for their oddly shaped teeth.

5. Beelzebufo (Africa): A large sized frog from Madagascar. It probably fed on small dinosaurs!

6. Koolasuchus (Australia): An enormous amphibian from the Cretaceous of Australia.


7. Ammonite (worldwide): A cephalopod with many species. The Cretaceous Parapuzosia or the Jurassic Titanites would be good candidate options due to both being very large sized.

8. Xiphactinus (worldwide): A large predatory fish from the Cretaceous. Something that wouldn't harm a large Ammonite should they be added together and to add variety.
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(Terrarium - amphibians and reptiles)

4. Rhynchosaurus (Europe): A small Triassic reptile from a group known for their oddly shaped teeth.
Generally I'd go for Hyperodapedon, though I guess it would be large enough to be a proper animal.


7. Ammonite (worldwide): A cephalopod with many species. The Cretaceous Parapuzosia or the Jurassic Titanites would be good candidate options due to both being very large sized.
I'll list a few more cephalopods on the bigger side.

Diplomoceras maximum (1.5m long) [Late Cretaceous, Antarctica]

Baculites (up to 2m long) [Late Cretaceous, North America]

Tropaeum imperator (a little over 1m diameter) [Early Cretaceous, Australia] (Largest Australian ammonite)

Megateuthis (up to 46cm long shell, 3-5m long) [Middle Jurassic, Eurasia] (Belemnites like this one have hooked arms, likely with suckers, but aren't known to have true tentacles [the long suckered clubs of squids])
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Bruh there's people that still believe in new content?
As long as a sequel isn't released or an official statement isn't made, it's always going to be embraced as a hypothetical from time to time (exercising the mind or scratching an itch for the most part).

Making suggestions for the original is also easier than for a sequel, given nothing is known about it (not that you subscribe to the notion of course).
It's not official that Jurassic world Evolution 2 is going to come out this year because Frontier said we had to wait to see what's going on in the Jurassic world Evolution labs. Also we probably won't get the trailer for the sequel until close to Launch which is possibly around Jurassic world dominions World premiere and theaters and on streaming.
They still need to add Dimorphadons, Monolophosaurus, and Scorpius Rex to finish off the on screen species. As well as any other new ones we get from Dominion (hoping for Dimetrodon)
I’ve compiled this lineup for the sequel and made it 50 species long per the wishes of Evolution Square, including her beloved Mosasaurus.

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Spinosaurus
  3. Giganotosaurus (Dominion)
  4. Allosaurus (Big Rock)
  5. Ceratosaurus
  6. Carnotaurus
  7. Baryonyx
  8. Suchomimus
  9. Metriacanthosaurus
  10. Dimetrodon (Dominion)
  11. Velociraptor
  12. Deinonychus (Dominion)
  13. Pyroraptor (Dominion)
  14. Dilophosaurus (poisonous)
  15. Herrerasaurus
  16. Compsognathus
  17. Brachiosaurus (2nd biggest)
  18. Apatosaurus (4th biggest)
  19. Mamenchisaurus (3rd biggest)
  20. Dreadnoughtus (Dominion, biggest period)
  21. Triceratops
  22. Sinoceratops
  23. Nasutoceratops
  24. Styracosaurus
  25. Ankylosaurus
  26. Euoplocephalus
  27. Sauropelta
  28. Stegosaurus
  29. Kentrosaurus
  30. Gigantspinosaurus
  31. Parasaurolophus
  32. Corythosaurus
  33. Edmontosaurus
  34. Iguanodon (Dominion)
  35. Dryosaurus
  36. Gallimimus
  37. Therizinosaurus (Dominion, tall feeder)
  38. Oviraptor (Dominion)
  39. Stygimoloch
  40. Pachycephalosaurus
  41. Minmi
  42. Lystrosaurus (Dominion)
  43. Microceratus (Dominion)
  44. Lesothosaurus
  45. Pteranodon
  46. Dimorphodon
  47. Quetzalcoatlus (Dominion)
  48. Mosasaurus
  49. Plesiosaurus (Dominion)
  50. Ichthyosaurus

  1. Concavenator
  2. Moros (Dominion)
  3. To be decided

  4. Mussaurus
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Do you have a list of Dinosaurs you would like to see in the game?

It could be a top 5 or top 10 list or even more.
Post them here.

Multiple posts are allowed in this thread.
1- Dimorphodon

2- Microraptor

3- Utahraptor

4- Austroraptor

5- Patagotitan

6- Protoceratops

7- Spinophorosaurus

8- Dicraeosaurus

9- Deinocheirus

10- Diplocaulus
Land Carnivores:
Scorpios Rex

Aerial Carnivores:

Aquatic Carnivores:
Otodus megalodon

Land Herbivores:
My wishlist for Jurassic World Evolution 2:
1. Mosasaurus
4. Ichthyosaurus
5. Nothosaurus
6. Shonisaurus

1. Pteranodon
2. Dimorphodon
3. Cearadactylus
4. Quetzalcoatlus
5. Guidraco
6. Tupuxuara

1. Tyrannosaurus
2. Velociraptor
3. Dilophosaurus
4. Ceratosaurus
5. Allosaurus
6. Carnotaurus
7. Acrocanthosaurus
8. Carcharodontosaurus
9. Giganotosaurus
10. Carnotaurus
11. Baryonyx
12. Spinosaurus
13. Suchomimus
14. Majungasaurs
15. Troodon
16. Deinonychus (without dumb crest)
17. Oviraptor
18. Albertosaurus
19. Tarbosaurus
20. Gigantoraptor
21. Therizinosaurus
22. Pyroraptor
23. Coelophysis
24. Compsognathus
25. Alioramus
26. Apatosaurus
27. Camarasaurus
28. Brachiosaurus
29. Dreadnoughtus
30. Nigersaurus
31. Diplodocus
32. Amargasaurus
33. Bajadasaurus
34. Shunosaurus
35. Sinoceratops
36. Triceratops
37. Pentaceratops
38. Chasmosaurus
39. Torosaurus
40. Styracosaurus
41. Nasutoceratops
42. Einosaurus
43. Diabloceratops
44. Protoceratops
45. Xenoceratops
46. Stegosaurus
47. Kentrosaurus
48. Chungkingosaurus
49. Huayangosaurus
50. Gigantspinosaurus
51. Miragaia
52. Scelidosaurus
53. Ankylosaurus
54. Euoplocephalus
55. Crichtonsaurus
56. Sauropelta
57. Nodosaurus
58. Pinacosaurus
59. Saichania
60. Minmi
61. Mussaurus
62. Plateosaurus
63. Dracorex
64. Pachycephalosaurus
65. Stygimoloch
66. Homalocephale
67. Stegoceras
68. Polacanthus
69. Parasaurolophus
70. Olorotitan
71. Corythosaurus
72. Edmontosaurus
73. Tsintaosaurus
74. Maiasaura
75. Iguanodon
76. Muttaburrasaurus
77. Altirhinus
78. Dryosaurus
79. Hypsilophodon
80. Psittacosaurus
81. Seitaad
82. Lufengosaurus
83. Utahceratops
84. Ekrixinatosaurus
85. Sinocalliopteryx
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