Dinosaurs refuse to Consume

Occasionally, my dinosaurs in my sandbox (Haven't checked campaign) Decide to not eat or drink and try to die. I have, at time of writing, 162 seperate Dinosaurs in my park. This has happened to a few different dinosaurs.

Just posting link to the steam screenshot because I don't know how to do otherwise.
This happened to me last night on Tacano with the Dreadnoughtus, she was standing right next to the tall herb feeder and wouldn't eat, I ended up sending a ranger crew to heal it. I deleted the feeder and re-added it in same spot and it started eating. Wonder if it's a new bug with the sauropods and tall feeders?
I’ve noticed this too. Happened randomly with smaller dinosaurs when they all stand facing the same direction chirping. Worst with dilos. Usually driving a Jeep close or shooting them will snap them out
Problem is not even Jeep Heal makes them start Eating/Drinking again (Sometimes anyway)
And it's not just not eating, they refuse both eating and drinking.

It's happened (from what i can remember) to
One of the Ceratopsids I think?
Stegosaurus (more than once)
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