Dinosaurs Suggestions: Novel Herbivores

hello folks, lately I've been drawing some JP/JW styled dinosaurs. for now, I'm focusing on the herbivores.
I've done more than the ones that I'm posting but not all of them are finished. hope you like them.

HYPSILOPHODON- novel canon
this small herbivore ornithopod from early cretaceous Europe of about the size of homalocephale is present In the second novel IIRC. it is one of the most well-known dinosaurs. when it was first discovered, scientists thought it was arboreal, but now that's outdated; now, since already the other two animals in this list can be arboreal due to novel lore, I can see hypsilophodon being an exception, being terrestrial. however, I would like to give him a special ability, to make it stand out from the roster. in my opinion, would be cool to see a small herbivore, that isn't a pachycephalosaurid be able to protect itself from tiny predators such as troodon, that's why I would like to give the hypsilophodon defensive vomiting as the turkey vultures and the European rollers, though I know that is very unlikely if the animal gets ever added.

for the coloration, I made a combination of taiga and woodland skins of the muttaburrasaurus
IMG_20201014_0009 (1).jpg

another small ornithischian, but now from North America. nanosaurus or othnielia as called in Jurassic park, in the first book is depicted as an arboreal dinosaur, hopping among the tree branches and breaking out from their fences by hopping past them, this concept would be a really cool break out for the game. when it comes to climbing I don't think that they could be able to climb on the normal scenery trees, though a solution would be placeable climbable trees, where dinosaurs as othnielia can jump on or climb, and if more of this trees are placed closer enough dinosaurs could be able to jump from a tree to another. in term of defense this dinosaur would be defenseless. this dinosaur is a little bit smaller than homalocephale. since the fossil records lack evidence of nanosaurus head, I made it similar to the head of hypsilophodon with larger eyes.

for the coloration, I had an inspiration from monk parakeets and a concept of notoceratops of thylaco that I saw a while ago on this forum

HADROSAURUS-novel canon
this north-American hadrosaurus is the dinosaur that should have been in the place of the gallimimus in the stampede scene. native from the east coast not a lot of this dinosaur is known so I based my depiction on the more well-known gryposaurus. I can see two cases for this dinosaur behavior; in the first case, it can be a very social dinosaur, as the other hadrosaurs, or in the second case, it can be a skittish animal, with the lowest population of all of the hadrosaurs.

for the coloration, while I was searching on the internet "Jurassic park hadrosaurus" I found a lot of art depicting it as white/pale grey or some pinkish color, so I gave it a pink snout and a pale grey skin, with a pale brown back.


MUSSAURUS-novel canon
mussaurus is one of the few South American dinosaurs featured in the JP world. it's one of the few prosauropods worth adding. in the lost world novel it was shown as a juvenile, as at that time, only juveniles were found. what I suggest is having mussaurus as a prosauropod being capable of walk on both four and two legs, as a hadrosaur. when it comes to defense, I think that mussaurus should be able to defend itself from small carnivores. in my opinion prosauropods, in general, should have both special death and kill animation with dilophosaurus, since it preyed on them.

for the coloration, I took inspiration from one of the plateosaurus skin of prehistoric kingdom.

this little European ornithopod of the size of the hypsie replaces the microceratus in some editions of the novels. I decide to put microceratus in the Jurassic world canon and semi-canon list.
the other animal on this list being arboreal other then the othy, callovosaurus is said to be jumping among the canopy of Isla nublar. since only the femur is known from this little creature, I decided to no make it too similar to dryosaurus, added some osteoderms, and opted for a more elongated snout. for its behavior I think it would be nice to differentiate it from the othy, maybe making it prefer a more dense forest than the othy, with the need for more climbable trees close together.

for the coloration, I decided to ake it yellow since the microceratus is described as having pale yellow skin, but I decided to add a brighter orange to spice things up, but it ended up looking more like a ground/fire pokemon 😅
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