DirectX12 for Win 7

As I have read in another thread (and in the press as well), Microsoft announced to offer DirectX12 for Windows 7. World of Warcraft is the first game that will be support DX12. And it's abvious, that other games will follow. Perhaps PlanCo, too?

Well, I am not an IT specialist. So, I'd like to ask you, what it means for PlanCo? How could PlanCo benefit from DX12, if Frontier would be interested in it? What advantages would there be for the game and for us?

I'm looking forward to a lively discussion ;)
Primary advantage of DirectX12:

A Directx12 game would utilize your CPU a lot more efficiently. Directx11 only utilizes one of your CPU cores for certain tasks. Only one! And my high end Intel Core i7-6700k 4.2Ghz CPU has 4 cores and 8 threads. My CPU is not even breaking a sweat playing this game. Of course all of my cores and threads are being used, but..... they are not being used to my CPU's full potential.

Since this game is simulation based, simulation games require a good CPU. But since it's Directx11 from Windows 10 Task Manager and MSI Afterburner results, when playing this game, my CPU is not being utilized to it's full potential.

Now when I edit my YouTube videos using Power Director 16, that program utilizes my CPU more efficiently than this non-Directx12 game. If Frontier (and that's a big if) ported this game to Directx12, we would for sure see some frame rate improvement for this game. Not talking like 240fps, but it would be like a 10fps or a bit more, or at least some noticeable improvement in game performance.

An issue is that the majority people don't have Windows 10. The majority of people do use a Windows OS though, but many of them are on Windows 7 or 8. There are reasons why people don't like 10. Data harvesting, privacy issues or concerns especially around Cortana collecting your data. And 10 being referred to a Service than an OS like all previous Windows versions.

But it sounds great if this news of them putting it with Windows 7. More people still use Directx11 systems which is why Frontier made the game for Directx11. It's why people who have systems with a good CPU complain why this game runs into poorer fps. Otherwise it's a great game to play. Note if you add too much to this game, like any other simulation game, it will lag eventually, regardless if it's x11 or x12. You have to do quite a lot to make The Sims 4 lag.
I've played a few games the claim to support direct x 12. In a few of those games my pc ran it better in directx 11. Thats not to say that DX12 can't offer something great. Its very well possible that developers just didnt handle it properly. But as stated above, the single core vs multi core is definitely an issue.

Apparently the latest patch has helped with performance. Personally havne't had a chance to try it .But its clear the developers are making strides for QOL FPS performance going forward.
Well with DX12 more is possible so it might run better but it takes alot of work to do so probably. We can only pray
There is one other thing to consider particularly for Win7/8. For DX12 to be of any use the graphics card would have to natively support it which only newer ones are likely to do so (most of the older ones support as far as DirectX 10.1 or 11/11.1).

From NVidia, GTX 980, GTX 1070 and up, support Directx12, and they were released a couple of years ago, so they're not quite so new. [happy]
It would require a pretty serious portion of the engine to be re-coded. It's not a simple switch they activate. IMO if they update the game to have dX12, then that improves the longevity and replability of the game, which in turn means longer play sessions which could lead to more DLC transactions for them. RCT3 had a crazy large player base after the game was completed and was no longer being developed, Planet Coaster has the potential, but the performance issues really push away from that idea.
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