Disable "About to Inbreed/Breed" Messages if Contraceptives Active

I can definitely appreciate having the pop up messages if animals are about to breed, or inbreed. However, 99% of my animals are all on contraceptives to prevent unwanted babies, either because I don't want to deal with all the extra babies, or I am actively preventing inbreeding. So despite the fact that one or both of the animals in question are on contraceptives, and literally CAN'T have babies, I'm still getting constant pop up notifications that they're trying to breed.

I did finally figure out how to turn off the breeding notifications for the different types of animals. But it would be useful to have this information in case I forget to put some of the animals on contraceptives. As it is I only have the messages turned on for a few select types of animals, because I absolutely detest spammy useless notifications. One of my biggest pet peeves in a game.

Either have the game check to see if one of the animals is on contraceptives before posting the alert, or make it so animals on contraceptives don't breed at all.

Edit: So I just got back into my game, and realized I am STILL getting notifications about breeding/inbreeding, even when I have disabled the notifications for that type of animal. So the option to disable it apparently didn't work. I thought maybe I just needed to redo the setting to fix it, but I did that and I'm still getting the notifications.
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Agreed with everything op said. The notifs are appreciated in idea but spammy in reality and eventually you just ignore them and say screw it they can breed how they like.
All my breeding animals are unrelated and any others are put on contraceptives but they still 'breed' which is fine it would happen realistically but we don't need to know if they can't produce babies?
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