Discovery at Guardian Site SYNUEFE EU-Q C21-10 A3 update

Transmission Begins.

It is important to recharge your batteries so you can tackle the problem from a different angle. After several days rest and contemplation about the problem that lied in front of me; being to get good data on the pictograms that are carved into the back wall of the bunker. So far the pictograms had evaded me, like wisps in the marshes. My equipment was malfunctioning and there was no way I'm making the annoying journey back to the bubble to get new equipment and fly back out here.

I went back to the door to take another look at. I was keen to have another crack at the problem. I am hoping to get a better picture of what I had glimpsed the first time with my malfunctioning multi-phased flux telescopic camera. I must make a note to go kick the ase of the federation dog vendor that sold me the cheap version instead of the sports version.

The doors are slightly ajar, enough for an intrepid explorer to get the data that is needed. I can peer through the gap in the door but i can only see a slither of the back wall at any one time. This is going to take some time. With great patience I present you with my results. A copy has already been dispatched to the Emperor. I'm pretty sure they have forgotten about me again.

Personally the middle creature could be a representation of a Thargoid or Guardian. But many other commanders pointed out how it looks like a Space Turtle. I like Space Turtles, but as a scientist it is resolvable to imply Thargoids because Thargoids actually are Space Turtles. It makes perfect sense, the octagonal shape of the ships; same shape as a turtle's shell!

I have pieced together as much as a can from this site and its time to broaden my horizons and go beyond my borders in search of the space turtles. Below is the new data that is now processed and is ready for transmission. I may be out of contact for sometime, but if I discover anything more about the space monkeys, i mean, turtles, my transmitter is always on stand-by.

Long live the Empire !

Imperial Commander GeneralWasted
Imperial House of Aisling Duval.

Transmission ENDS.


Space Turtle Pictogram from Guardian site

Sneaky Peak through the door

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You managed to get better pictures of the inside than I could. It looks like there are markings on the ceiling as well.
It is irrelevant. Let it go.
You managed to get better pictures of the inside than I could. It looks like there are markings on the ceiling as well.
Yeah, it was a pain in the bum to get those pictures. Had to cut out piece by piece of image and assemble it in PShop. The image is a mirror image of itself so you only need to get a half, which is good news. Will check out the ceiling to, thanks
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