Parks Discovery Docks park build

Park Theme: Discovery / exploration
Area Themes: Docks, Pirate Cove, Asia, Alpine, Pacific

Park general design thoughts:
Lots of ships, wrecks, wood, docks. Re-use facades so that brands have a consistency.

Design some brands and facades

Build entrance (dock)

Pirate cove

== then decide what's next ==

PHASE ONE (brands and facades)

I want the Cosmic Cow buildings to have "horns" and the Chief Beef buildings to be vaguely western. . .
Get a quick facade set ready and use as basis for actual buildings:

Next, I want some "navigation" imagery, like the radial lines on a map. And a short "connector" facade. And a basic toilet block:

I will be back to update this thread as I go.
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I want a "multi-booth" entrance...

With a raised path so that i can have rocks and shrubs below...

Next will be a dock area, with an ornamental ship on land, and a docked ship in water.
Very nice done.

I like the idea to develop seperate buildings one could drop anywhere it is needed, like one would do with shops, but fitting the overall theme.
The small facades are a good idea.
That is really great James. I just love those pirate ships. It's a pity there is only the one Grand galleon. A Naval 3 decker like HMS Victory would look nice as an alternative, or even a smaller Navy Frigate with just one gun deck. If Frontier see this thread, maybe they might make another ship model. How about it Frontier?
Looking forward to your progress James. [up]
Love how youve used paths to create easy to make jetties, imagine how creative we can be when we get the terrain tools unlocked!
THANKS EVERYONE for the feedback!!

Ok so now i'm using the facades again on the other side of the docks, to make another shopping area.

And a few shots more shots from around the docks, then i'm off to build Pirate Cove.

That's it for now. Pirate Cove area is next. . .
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So many nice things. The habour, the bows as shop covers, but my favourit so far is the bazaar alley.
Do you plan to put some fishing nets near the small boats?
So many nice things. The habour, the bows as shop covers, but my favourit so far is the bazaar alley.
Do you plan to put some fishing nets near the small boats?
Thank you!!!! They are a bit bland and I've tried a few unsuccessful things to pretty them up. I forgot the nets!

Excellent idea, thanks.
Wow. This is looking great. I really like the chaotic closed-in feel it has in the dock area which gives it the hustle and bustle vibe these areas should have.
So many nice things. The habour, the bows as shop covers, but my favourit so far is the bazaar alley.
Do you plan to put some fishing nets near the small boats?
A few edits to the small boats so they are less identical (thanks Perlocus). . .

And beginnings of the Pirate Cove area . . . It will be a harbor, with a ring of buildings enclosing the dock area, with a few rides and a coaster.

In this first shot, I'm starting at the entrance heads and working clockwise. There's a pirate ship Victory ride in there.

And now i'm working clockwise, creating piratical versions of the themed shops.

And a flat ride with a covered queue...

And a restaurant ...

That's it for tonight. More tomorrow, the coaster will go in the other side of the harbor heads.
Being an ex Matelot (sailor) that is the best harbour scene I have seen so far in this game. You have really thought it out well and I take my hat off to you James. You are making a really nice job of it and I am looking forward to your further development. Thank you for sharing this with us. [yesnod] [up] [up] [up]
I also have a dock/harbor area in my park. One thing I really cant wait for is terrain editor and real water in the game... Will make areas like this come to life!

Beautiful work!
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Here's a few close-ups of the work so far (then it's coaster time) . . .

The restaurant . . .


Coaster time!!

I had a couple of false starts with the entrance and exit refusing to place. Bro tip: place them immediately, before laying track, it's really annoying to lay all the track and then have the game refuse to place your entrance/exit.

Rocks to hide the generic entrance...

And about 2 hours of rock placement, ensuring no limbs or heads are lost in the making of the ride . . . (bonus: Kraken!)

I had entirely covered the pathway near the entrance (like a tunnel of rocks), but then i got OCD frustrated that a ship could not squeeze in/out of the channel. Grrr.......

So a bit of demolition and rebuilding of the channel area (another 2 hours) followed . . . (ooh and a lighthouse!)

To be really sure, let's tow a boat out (and relocate the lighthouse, with some trimmings)

And for a finishing touch, add a bit of foliage . . .

A couple of night shots.

And that's it for this session.
See you all again next weekend!
thanks for all the feedback guys, appreciated.

i'm back in action this weekend, developing the remaining area of Pirate Cove. . .

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