Parks Disney's Grand Adventure


I'm relatively new to these forums but not to the game or franchise. I've been active on 'Shyguys World' for a long time and decided to branch out a little bit to here!

I've recently released my first complete park in a series of Disney inspired parks which you can find information on below. This is obviously a 'Hollywood Studios' inspired build but is by no means a replica in any aspect! This park took around 2 years to release and there are still a couple of elements which need fine tuned (tower no. 2 for example). However I'm hoping to have this finished asap and updates released. This park has a LOT of custom audio and images so please, please, please download the media files located on the Steam page should you decide to check it out, otherwise the whole experience is a bit of a miss! Also, using the 'Tegidcam' cheat is the best way to experience it for the first time.

There are a couple of buildings which I have taken from the Workshop which I felt just had to be utilised but about 95% is completely original work from myself.

I've attached a few images and videos below and hopefully you enjoy :)

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