Disney's Magic Kingdom

Hayo! I've been working at this project for quite a long time (started a few months after launch) and I thought I'd throw up a couple pics. Work and life don't allow much time for gaming, I get probably 3-4 hours on the weekend to tinker around with PC. It's been almost a year I think since I posted my last set of pics! Slacker, I know!

I visit frequently MK to get pics and utilize Google Earth and Google Earth VR for scale and accuracy. Soooo many details! I can literally spend 2 hours in a 20 ft x 20 ft area getting details correct. Ohhh the agony sometimes! I've been at this so long and STILL haven't created a single ride. Yes, you didn't misread that.

I want to give a shout out to leafscott80 for his many awesome Disney assets! Couldn't have made this possible without those. The Walt and Mickey statue at the center of the hub is his work as well as all the characters I've got scattered around the castle area.

More to come...eventually!

Crystal Palace restaurant from bridge to Adventureland
Disney's new hub and spoke look (finished a couple years ago now)
Main St USA
The castle looks great, also these perfect symmetry park in front of it. You really catch the disney style. I also like the Mainstreet with all that details.
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