Distant Radio 3305 - the dedicated Distant Worlds radio station

I’m pumped for it to go live. It’s always amazing seeing how much work you guys put into creating this. I’m very excited to see what everyone thinks (and maybe what people think of my ads).
Less than 5 hours to go. Just for everyone's information, we'll be having a little launch event, not just "turning on" the radio :) We'll also be live on YT and Twitch :)
Congrats on the launch! I love it. Just tuned in and am really digging the vibe. Gonna greatly expand my personal playlist by the end of the trip!

Seriously im so pumped. Sharing on my discords now.
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VOD of the launch show is available: [video=youtube;6Wnpepx_SUQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Wnpepx_SUQ[/video]
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If anyone is using Elite G19s Companion App to listen to audio while flying, add the following to the Options.json file to add the radio station.

"Name": "Distant Worlds Radio",
"Url": "http://distantradio.space:8000/distantradio.ogg",
"OriginalUrl": "http://distantradio.space/distantradio.ogg.m3u"

To find the Options.json file, open the app and Click Options and then 'Open options file' on the second page.

Paste the above code just below the following code:

"Name": "Rosswell UFO Radio",
"Url": "http://listen.shoutcast.com/roswelluforadio.m3u"

If you use Voice Attack, import the following profile to Voice Attack to change radio stations while flying: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahmqvgce1rSjiIkNS1-Yfz75TsBuNA.
The profile is only set for radio stations but can be edited to suit your own needs.

The G19 Plugin is also required which I think is included with the download, if not here is a link to the G19 manual: https://apps.magicmau.nl/EliteG19s/Docs/EliteG19s-Manual.html#user-content-VoiceAttack
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