Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

Hilariously, after I left Beagle Point, more friends started arriving, and everyone also started telling me about this "party" that's planned for the coming weekend. I made it all the way to Colonia, and now I think I need to come back. It's OK, my jump range just went up quite a bit! LOL :D
I died 3 times in all - like you the first was at Pallaeni thanks to an NPC. Any text warning was missed with all the local chat and the first I knew about it was when I realised I was being shot at. Tried to log out but the timer kept me in game long enough to be killed.

The 2nd death was my stupidity and seems to have also been captured on video! As I was taking off from The View having survived the heavy landing, I saw someone mention having adequate thrusters and looked at my panel to check what size mine were. For some stupid reason I thought they were disabled (obviously suffering space madness already!) and quickly clicked to enable them.... but of course I was taking off so they can't have been disabled and seeing that now they were I tried to correct my error by re-enabling them again. Doing all this while taking off from a high-g planet was not the best idea I've ever had, and I suddenly realised I was heading back down at speed!

My third death happened when I got stuck at a neutron star. I'd started off OK, but drifted out of the arm and had to find it again to continue the charge. I wasn't sure if I'd misjudged the point I tried to re-enter the arm or if I was the victim of a bug, but found myself unable to leave, overheating, taking damage to various modules and losing control. I spent some time struggling to escape but in the end I lost the fight and faced a rebuy screen back at Explorer's Anchorage.

Fortunately I've managed to avoid any further mishaps and landed at Beagle Point on 28 April. :)
I haven't died yet so far (only six jumps in to my return from Beagle Point), but I should've died once if not for a miracle.

Back on March 26th, I jumped into the system Hypuae Phyloea RR-N d6-1884, which contains a Neutron star. I immediately throttled to zero, though I was still aimed at the star, and did a full FSS scan of the system. Amazingly, I completed the full scan and exited FSS before nodding off... for two hours! When I woke up at midnight, I was no longer in supercruise. I gave a brief thought to doing a repair of my FSD (so I'd be fully read for the Neutron jump the next day) before logging out; I looked over at my modules display and was confused as to why my Cargo hatch was RED. "Why would I have depowered that?" I thought. I tried to reactivate it, but it wouldn't. I thought "I'll deal with it tomorrow" logged out, shut down my computer, and went to bed. Just before falling asleep in bed I remember thinking "Wait, something really isn't right..." but didn't look into it until the following morning.

This is the damage report that greeted me when I logged in the next morning:

Thrusters: 82%
Bi-Weave Shield Generator: 75%
GFSD: 35%
AFMU: 71%
Power Distributor: 81%
Wake Scanner: 8%
Life Support 52%
Fuel Scoop: 79%
FSD: 62%
Cargo Hatch: 0%
Pulse Laser: 10%
Pulse Laser: 0%
Sensors: 42%
Multi-cannon: 0%
Multi-cannon: 0%
Chaff Launcher: 0%
Heat Sink Launcher: 86%

Hull: 43%

All cargo (limpets) lost

I was shocked. How did I take so much damage, yet survive? You don't take that much damage from hitting the stars exclusion zone (which I definitely had done, because I had to escape it via supercruise). So I checked my logs and this is what I found.

{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T02:10:47Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":15.428473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T02:25:49Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":14.798473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T02:40:50Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":14.168473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T02:55:51Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":13.538473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:10:52Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":12.908473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:25:53Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":12.278473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:29:25Z", "event":"HeatWarning" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:12Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:14Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:14Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":6 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:16Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:16Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":5 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:18Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:18Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":4 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:20Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:20Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":3 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:22Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:22Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":2 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:24Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:24Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":1 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:26Z", "event":"EjectCargo", "Type":"drones", "Type_Localised":"Limpet", "Count":1, "Abandoned":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:26Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":0 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:28Z", "event":"HeatDamage" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:30:28Z", "event":"Cargo", "Vessel":"Ship", "Count":0 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:02Z", "event":"HullDamage", "Health":0.798512, "PlayerPilot":true, "Fighter":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:24Z", "event":"Music", "MusicTrack":"Supercruise" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:25Z", "event":"FSDTarget", "Name":"Lasoae WU-M d8-2870", "SystemAddress":98623161603659 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:25Z", "event":"SupercruiseExit", "StarSystem":"Hypuae Phyloea RR-N d6-1884", "SystemAddress":64744476382779, "Body":"Hypuae Phyloea RR-N d6-1884 A", "BodyID":1, "BodyType":"Star" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:25Z", "event":"Powerplay", "Power":"A. Lavigny-Duval", "Rank":0, "Merits":0, "Votes":0, "TimePledged":34563626 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:25Z", "event":"HeatWarning" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:25Z", "event":"HeatDamage" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:25Z", "event":"Music", "MusicTrack":"Exploration" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:31:27Z", "event":"HullDamage", "Health":0.585774, "PlayerPilot":true, "Fighter":false }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:45:07Z", "event":"ReservoirReplenished", "FuelMain":11.648473, "FuelReservoir":0.630000 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:57:50Z", "event":"FSSDiscoveryScan", "Progress":0.752434, "BodyCount":26, "NonBodyCount":6 }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:58:16Z", "event":"ModuleInfo" }
{ "timestamp":"2019-03-26T03:59:30Z", "event":"Shutdown" }

So it looks like it took me almost 1.5 hours to get close enough to the star (at minimum supercruise speed) to start taking heat damage. I then took all that damage as heat damage for 2 minutes until I hit the exclusion zone and was forced out of cruise. Took a little more heat damage as ship cooled down and then everything was fine. I then woke up 28 minutes later and logged out.

So yeah, I should be dead. I must have a guardian angel in the game. After all, not only did I not die, but my Powerplant took ZERO damage (the one thing the AFMU can't repair, besides itself). So I was able to completely repair all modules (except the AFMU), synthesize more limpets, fully repair my hull, and continue on my way!

I here I thought naming my ship "Ranger III" meant I'd be doomed - or I'd return to the Bubble 500 years later. :)
Landing gear deployed...

My trusty Asp made it!

Congratulations and a huge thank you to the organisers for an amazing expedition, packed full of visual wonders.

Having just arrived this evening, I'm very pleased to now be in the 65,000Ly club.

Bring on Distant Worlds 3!

I made it yesterday. Met a fine gentleman in open at his request for "photos". Got some nice shots of his ship. ;-) We had a nice ol' role play in open which ended a bit early as I had to go BBQ somethings for dinner, so I think I might have avoided something. I wouldn't recommend open at BP to anyone with a thin hull, especially stuck in a gravity well.



Here it is my drama.

I arrived at Beagle Point.

An 30 minutes later, I exploded in Beagle 2.

Now my question: will my journey count as completed?

Or I would have to had "login into beagle point" for it to count?
I have so many questions. Primarily: what HAPPENED?
Damn, looks like the fleet is arriving in force now. I regret leaving 2 days ago, but I'm already most of the way back to Colonia.
Damn, looks like the fleet is arriving in force now. I regret leaving 2 days ago, but I'm already most of the way back to Colonia.
I had the same thought, so I'm on my way back up. Talk about a crazy round trip... Just a few days down to Colonia and back, by the time I arrive.
Just exiting the void on the return trip and thought I would add a few words of thank, so err, thanks to everyone who made this happen

A Few things I learnt on this trip.

  • How to use FSS
  • How to get mats from planets.
  • How to synthesize stuff I need from the above mats
  • Two AFMU’s are really better than one.
  • How to scoop a Neutron star.
  • How to plot one jump at a time.

Alas, I didn’t take part in any of the fun stuff, didn’t make any friends, but that’s me and not you.

Finally, I feel like I finally earnt my patch, so I stuck it on my work Back Pack last night.


Cheers again, it was fun, maybe next time I will be more Friendly J

Stay Safe o7

Cmd Meryn Trant (See i told you it was me, not you)
I had the same thought, so I'm on my way back up. Talk about a crazy round trip... Just a few days down to Colonia and back, by the time I arrive.
Hmm, tempting to turn around and head back, but I think I'll commit to my homebound journey. Anyway I want to stop by Peak on my way back from Colonia. Plus I've never been to Colonia either.
Question guys... I'm sitting at Colonia selling exploration data, and I'm getting a ton -- and I mean a TON -- of screens where it congratulates me for discovering some system but then shows no names at all. Here's what I mean:


What's going on? Was the system discovered by someone else and turned in/tagged first? Is it a bug?
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