Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

I'm more concerned about still having my data after getting restored by FDev support. They said that they restored my data, but when I open system maps of previously scanned Systems, I can only see stellar bodies and marked as "unexplored".
For reference:

So do I still get tags and credits for my discoveries and this is just galmap derping out?
I'm more concerned about still having my data after getting restored by FDev support. They said that they restored my data, but when I open system maps of previously scanned Systems, I can only see stellar bodies and marked as "unexplored".
For reference:

So do I still get tags and credits for my discoveries and this is just galmap derping out?
The data scans will have been restored to your ship’s computer. Then it will go through the usual “discovered by” check when you submit it. If you have since submitted the data & it isn’t now showing on galmap then raise a bug report.
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A friend of mine enlightened me couple of minutes ago.

I shared my EDSM Route Map that i've followed throughout DW2. Almost at the bubble at the moment so route is almost complete.

Thanks to the fellow cmdr, I realised I've drawn a police officer on the galaxy! It was unintentional!


I'm more concerned about still having my data after getting restored by FDev support. They said that they restored my data, but when I open system maps of previously scanned Systems, I can only see stellar bodies and marked as "unexplored".
For reference:

So do I still get tags and credits for my discoveries and this is just galmap derping out?
My understanding is that yes, if they restored your data, you should be fine. It'll just appear unscanned to you for now. I think the "have visited/explored this" and "scanned for credit" states are tracked separately, and one was restored while the less important one was not.
Thank you organisers, thank you helpers and all the team but most of all thank you Squadron DW3 !! You kept me sane, informed and reminded me when I needed a cup of tea.
I never thought I would make it all the way but arrived at Beagle point, Planet 2 about an hour ago and touched down in its crater to be welcomed by some yittrium.

Filled out the form and now plotting a sight seeing route back home.

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Little did I forsee, on a hungover January 1st, when I made my sole New Years Resolution to get back into ED after a year off, and set myself the goal of reaching Sag A* or die trying, that barely 5 months later I would be sitting on the edge of a crater at Beagle Point, with a Guardian Relic as a campfire, and a barrel of Lavian Brandy, courtesy of my new friends CMDRs Psygar and Jav Marlo, swapping tales of our adventures out here, and toasting our safe returns home.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip happen. It has been a blast from the start, and i'm looking forward to taking the long way home via the Sagittarius Carina arm, and Centaurus reach, back to the bubble..... maybe even get there by next New Year :) o7
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It has been a glorious journey thank you all!

I only got into Elite during the Black Friday sale in 2018 so I was a total deep space newbie! Lucky for me I studied up and managed to rush out to guardian space and get my ASP Explorer and my Guardian FSD Booster and if it 13 hours before DWII launched as I have no clue how anyone did this trip with less than 50 LY Jump range. All of you old hands get a hearty salute from me on that one!

The pre SAG-A part of this trip was pretty Ho Hum, but when the patch came through that fixed Squadron Comms on Xbox suddenly my trip became that much more interesting. (Plus I finally figured out how to use EDSM!) As I got further and further from the bubble I came to enjoying seeing all my fellow Green names chatting away. It's thanks to them that I finally made it to Beagle Point last night on May 8th at 11:15 PM Australia Eastern Time. (GST + 10). Fittingly I took pictures of the Green name reactions. Thank you all! Now off to Colonia!

Well, I made it.

I was ahead of the fleet until WP10, when the new ship modules were announced. Having travelled about 5,000 out of WP10, I decided that two more modules in a Sidewinder were just too good an opportunity to miss. Especially when you have no shield, no limpets, no AFMU and a desire to Neutron jump.

So at that point, I turned around, and headed back to Explorer's Anchorage. I know I could have suicided but, you know, Roleplay. Over the next few days coming up to the update, I flew back to Sag-A and parked there awaiting my shiny new AFMU to add to the module slot that would have lain empty otherwise.

I went into outfitting in Explorer's Anchorage, before the update, to check their stores. No size 1 AFMU in stock. Damn. I'd travelled 10,000 backwards to get something that didn't exist. So What to do ? I overheard someone mention 1A AFMU's for sale in Ratraii, near Colonia. Heck its only a few thousand more, so leaving Anchorage behind, I swept backwards again, this time to Ratraii system. The update landed my with two new modules, and a nice 1A AFMU was fitted. I also dropped off my Mining equipment that had dropped my range down to 31 lightyears.

With this upgrade, and a chaff launcher for fireworks, I set out neutron jumping back to WP10, WP11 and Beagle. My previous journey to BP in my Hauler, back in 3302 came in handy for mapping the route through the Abyss, especially since the two craft separated by 3 years of development were only .2 light years of range apart - 34 for the Hauler back then 33.8 now in my "Chromed Alone" Sidewinder.

I jumped and scooped through the abyss and onto BP, getting planetside on May 6th, couple of days later than planned but with a nice AFMU truly a very healthy ship once I got there.

I kept detailed logs of this second "Space madness" reverse detour from Anchorage, back to Colonia, and back up through WP 10 and 11, here are some numbers just for this portion from detour to Beagle Point:

Total Distance​
Number Jumps​
Number Jumps ( Boosted )​
Average Jump Distance​
Max Boosted Jump Distance​
Max Non-Boosted Distance​
Max Fuel Used​
# Times fuel tank drained​
# FSD Repairs​
# AFMU Refils ( Basic )​
# AFMU Refils ( Standard )​
Min seconds between jumps​

Arrival with a few "big guys" in the background ( that guardian fighter's bigger than me! )


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28 pages of Cmdrs thanking the team should be more than enough, but I really wanted to say thank you to all involved, so one more!

I've been gaming for most of my life, so much I've made my profession around it, and I've never seen a player-organized event like this. It put to shame many, many "events" I've seen over the years, even in some Triple A games. An example of community organization and engagement, beautiful artworks and design pieces/choices (at least, that's how I, as a participant, have seen it).

And to be honest, I didn't think I'll get to Beagle Point, it seemed way to far, way to hard to get to. And when my work sent me on a business trip for 3 weeks, right as we got to Sag A*, I thought I wouldn't make it. Hopefully, the people of the squad 3 kept me company and cheered me up, so thanks to all of you too.

So, yeah, sitting now here, literally across the galaxy and looking back, it was a fun, and kind of scary, experience. Looking forward for DW3!

My thanks, and complements, to all involved once more.

Fly Safe, Cmdrs o7
I'm happy to report that Commander Coreblade of the Quantum Echo arrived safely at Beagle Point!

I began playing only two weeks before the DW2 expedition left. When I found out about DW2, I loved the idea and was very interested. I decided not to go, however, since I was so new and didn't even know how to fly my ship. But the black was calling to me. And thinking about being there for the brand new station at the center of the galaxy, I changed my mind and signed up. It was just after the fleet had left and I still needed to improve my jump range. I had two options: spend a few days engineering my fancy new Cobra MkIII, or spend that time grinding credits for a DBX. I went with the Cobra and don't regret it for a moment. I managed to get its range over 36 LYs before heading out to catch up with everyone at Omega. And thus I began my epic journey!

The most memorable moment, for me, was an experience I had at the Collection of Wonders point of interest. My kids were with me when I left Farseer station to begin the epic journey and, naturally, I wanted them with me when going to a black hole system for the first time. I was on the way to a station where I could sell, what I was sure to be, a lot of data. I was completely inexperienced with black holes and didn't know anything about zero throttling. I figured, when I dropped into the system, I would simply point away from the black hole and all would be well...

So, there we were. One jump away. I activated the FSD and we nervously anticipated our arrival. The moment we dropped into the system, we slammed right into that black hole! Stars warping; emergency drop from supercruise; warnings going off! The kids were screaming, hiding their heads in their hands while my eyes were wide, heart racing, trying not to panic. I worked quickly to escape, but without heatsinks equipped, I didn't know if I could avoid certain death... I activated supercruise and with my ship overheating I managed to align with the escape vector. A moment later, we were out! We all laughed and celebrated and for the rest of the day we excitedly talked about our thrilling experience with a black hole. I breathed a sigh of releif when I made it to the station and sold what turned out to be 39M credits worth of data. (And I learned how to zero throttle after that)

This is one of many great experiences I've had while on this expedition. I don't think I would have made it this far on my own. I've certainly learned more about my ship and the galaxy than I thought I ever would. Meeting other commanders has also been a great experience. A special thanks to Commander Weallrot who I met up with several times and journeyed with to Altum Sagittarii. Another special thanks to the amazing Commander Phill P who helped me with some mining for the 2nd CG. Also thanks to DrMorto, Alexfighter and rpotor for getting the Mobius mass jumps going. I'm so grateful to those who organized this expedition and made it so epic for everyone!

At Beagle Point 2.jpg
Arrival At BP.jpg
Going Home.jpg
The Center.jpg

I made it! I started too late to get on any official roster, but I'm still proud of having come all this way -- I thought about turning back a few times, but I ultimately persevered.

And a few of the prettier pictures along the way:

Last but not least, the rarest undiscovered thing I found, a Ringed Water Giant with a really large ring:

Keep in mind that's a Water GIANT, so that ring is huge!

Thanks again to the folks who put this trip together, it was a great experience. I may see if they'll give me special dispensation to get the decal as a momento, even though I didn't make it on the roster -- this was my first really deep exploration and I'd love to have a souvenir. But if not, I understand, the trip was its own reward.
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