Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

Endless thanks to everyone involved in making this whole thing come off without a hitch. It was my first major expedition with y'all and it certainly won't be my last-- assuming that some future expedition sets out from Colonia, that is! :cool:

All right. Now it's time to go back, I guess...
When i first registered for DW2 i wasnt shure i make it, by that time my biggest journey took 5000Ly, maybe if the exploration mechanic had not changed i would not have participated.
Now that I have arrived, I regret nothing of doing it, quite the opposite. It was a great experience.
Thank you to all who have made an effort to organize this event, my congratulations.

Thank you to all the crazy Commanders that put this journey together. What an amazing trip it's been. This has been the most fun I've experienced in Elite. It will be sad to part ways with those I've met, but as Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
I clarified on the Form. We'll include both days for the sake of simplicity.

As long as you log your presence at Beagle Point within the timeframe you're good. You just need a trace of arriving there in your logs (and the server's). If you jump to or log in at BP, you'll have logged your presence there, it's the same thing.
Thanks, and I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone, for the quick and clear response. It's very much appreciated. This has been an amazing trip. Prior to departure I didn't think I'd enjoy being out in the black ... now I'm wondering if I'll really enjoy the hustle and bustle of the bubble again.

Some of you may already know a bit of my story from the main DW2 thread. Suffice it to say that DW2 gave me the opportunity and motivation to visit Beagle Point not just once, but twice! Now, the journey back to the bubble awaits. I want to give my thanks to the DW2 organizing team for making this epic roadtrip across the galaxy possible.


Evening all.
I made BP on the 24th and managed to make Ishum's this time. Last time I was so loopy when I reached BP that I blew up my DBX and took the easy route home. I couldn't do that to my Python which has seen me through so much on DW2, so I'll definitely take it back at least to Colonia. That means this will mark my first actual return trip to Beagle.
I wouldn't and couldn't have done it without each and every one of you, but especially the organisers who put so much time and effort in. You guys and gals can take it easy now: your work here is done. 🙂
Safe travels back to wherever you call home.
Thank you for everithing! So i give you guys and girls my story! (Almost unnecessarilylong read!) Here it is: Before i started the game in September 2018, i actually followed the happenings in elite. I watched videos from the first DW expedition, and i was immediately blown away by the experience. Even though i was only watching. It's crazy to think i was only 12 at the time.... But from the outlook, the game looked a bit hard for my taste so i waited with the buy. I can remember setting up my commander and everything, and i immediately started loving this game. Not so proud of the fact that there were days when i spent 6 hours on the game non stop, but i guess i was a bit too immersed by the experience :D . I advanced so fast that i bought my first Krait mk2 just 1 month after i started playing. And after that buy i started my journey to Colonia. I had little experience in outfitting the ships so i thought a solid 27lyrs will be enough. It took me exactly one week to get there, with days of me jumping 500 times to reach the place, but it was worth it at the end. With that trip i made my first 200mil of credits. I explored around the place, and upgraded some modules on the ship, boosting that 27ly jump range to 42. I was still out there when i heard about the 3.3 update, and i started my trip back to the bubble. I made it, the update dropped, and i made my first billion (with Void opals of course.). It was the time i heard about Distant Worlds 2 the first time. So i decided to join, (What a great idea that was! :D) and with the engineers i unlocked, i built my exploration Anaconda. The journey started, and what i got from it is truly unforgettable. I joined mass jumps, events and everything. My most precious discovery on this expedition was a previously undiscovered planetary nebula between WP10 and WP11. If only i could name it.. I would probably name it the Berczkovi nebula. (PRAE FLYI VE-Q e5-4 (black hole)). The moment i reached Beagle Point i felt really disconnected from the bubble and becouse i wanted to fight thargoids and wanted to participate in the Interstellar initiative, i started to head back the other day (23rd) As i'm writing this, i'm already back at Sag A. And i'm wishing the best of luck to everyone else on the trip back! Fly safe Commanders! :) (Also sorry for spelling mistakes. Just a hungarian boy here.)
We made it! Thanks for organizing an awesome trip, we've never been out this far pops Cider. Made some new friends during the journey, hope to make some more on our travels back, this has been great so far!

Exploraconda Ad Astra in the background, Cmrds Maverick Gray in tasteful pink on the left, Cmdr Kerbennog in tasty green on the right:
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Already posted on the main DW2 thread, however once again many thanks to all the organiser's of DW2 and Frontier for their support. I had travelled as far as SagA many years ago in my Asp and had never planned to go back or further again, but the email newsletter from Frontier sparked and interested and I spend the week before sorting my ship (which I switched before WP2) to increase range etc. Really enjoyed it and the company I met on the way!

Thank You.

Landed 24/4/3305...

Time to Go...

It's a long way back!


CMDR f1ant
Well I arrived on the 22nd of April, and next day I went to Salomé's reach.

Here is my little story, I hadn't played this game in 2 years, it had a steep learning curve which, alone made this game boring, until a friend of mine bought this game and I picked it back up again, somehow I managed to get out of poverty and get a better ship, which mean better missions, with one or two months in, Distant Worlds 2 showed up, I bought my ASPx and I outfitted it as best as I could for this journey, I made friends, I searched for people from my country to do this trip and I gathered a group of 4 people, although 1 gave up in the middle of the process... we made it all together. It was an amazing experience, to know that along with thousands of players we are crossing a whole galaxy.
At times it was a chore, at times it was beautiful and most of the time it was epic. I felt proud of making it to the end, and I still have to make the journey back to the bubble since I have so much data to sell. I hope to see you guys and I hope to participate in more expeditions and I cant wait for DW3 Because I plan on having another ship completely fitted for the journey. Right now all I want is to get back and kick some thargoid . I will still be logging in during the week in beagle to meet with whoever may be there, celebrating.

CMDR Sobani, out

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