Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

Finally made it to Beagle Point. Still deciding on where to go from here.

I hadn't really played the game much for quite a long time before DW2, this trip has rekindled some of that old magic for me. I've been sending my father screenshots along the way, as he and I used to play the original Elite together every day when I was a kid. It's been good somewhat reliving those days. Now I'm itching to see what's around that next star... getting to head out into the black on my own, though I'll miss the comraderie and knowing that every week or so there'd be a point in time where I'd see the boxes on the radar and know I'm not alone out there. Folks to share the stories with, and to jump together with, even if just once, and then scattering for a week.

Thanks folks.
Many jumps later, I have arrived at Beagle Point. Well, I arrived early yesterday morning, but wanted to write this once I had a little spare time. I traveled alone the whole way, and saw only one commander the whole time, in some random system about 500 light years before reaching Beagle Point. This of course was due to me not being able to depart until about a week ago thanks to medical issues. I took a quick hope over to Semotus Beacon for some pictures, and I am now buckyballing my way back to the Bubble.

I'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard in putting DW2 together, even if I didn't get to play with others, the route map and POI's were fantastic, and I got so see so many amazing things. Flying up to Goliath's Rest was probably my favorite part on the way there, perching high above the galactic plane and peering down. Grand Rings was also amazing, and a close second of my favorite POI's on the way. However, out at Semotus Beacon, flying into the pitch black for a while then turning around to see the whole galaxy behind you was an incredible and humbling sight, and without DW2 I doubt I'd have ever experienced it.

The 0T6-DW ISS Obscene Heap has arrived at Beagle Point today. It's been a long journey, with being constantly behind on waypoints by several weeks, and plagued at the last minute by control failures, but thankfully the failsafes kicked in and I was able to plot a course directly to each waypoint.

The listed jump range of my vessel changed between registration with the fleet and arrival due to advances in FSD technology. My ships new 66.3LY range allowed me to automatically plot a course with relative ease across The Abyss.

Now I need to decide still whether to continue outward as far as I can, or make a leisurely trip home.

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I enjoyed the trip immensely and got back home to the bubble a few days after the long, fun trip out to Beagle. The highlight of the trip for me was being the first person to ever dock at Explorer's Anchorage. I made a very good guess where the port was going to drop that fateful Thursday night, and was lucky enough to be right next to it when it dropped. I can always tell my children and grandchildren that I mined enough material to own .15% of the station and was the first person to even fly through the slot.

Thanks to the organizers of the trip for putting together such a grand route with enough POIs to keep it entertaining. Loved the climb up to Goliath's Rest.

Until next time....Commander Robert West, signing off.
I took both my main and 2nd toon as far as SagA.
Took the 2nd all way to Beagle and now parked back at SagA, main back in the bubble.
Made Elite X on both during this trip.
Doh, I forgot to Post. :) I Made it.
Beagle Point (Beagle Depot) May 1, 2019, 7:27:16 PM

Roster#: 5891
ID: 4C4-DW
CMDR: Quatschoid

What a Great Expedition, I never experienced anything like it. Am so Proud of our Explorers Anchorage.
Thank you so much to all of the organizers, especially allcrowsareblack and CDR_WillTRiker and Nerix on PS4, was great fun Canyon Racing.
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