Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

CMDR Myshka
Roster #254
Ship: Knackered Knave; Ship-ID: 199-DW
Arrival: May 27 3305, 15:30 IGT (May 28, 00:30 Shiptime)

Mixed feelings about this. I was so excited about DW2 after the fantastic DW1, but due to real-life and different timezone, it felt a lot lonelier. Especially after a serious bout of RL put me behind the fleet by nearly 2 months, so Explorer's Anchorage to Beagle Point was a completely solo venture for me.
On top of that, it almost felt like cheating - the Abyss is not scary at all with a 50LY jumprange ship. It's possible to plot pretty much anywhere, there's no navigation required. And I guess having been here before, the distance didn't seem all that far back to civilisation as the first time around. Well that, and the fact that civilisation is a heck of a lot closer now!

Despite all that the first half of the expedition was fantastic, from the launch mass-jump to playing SRV football with an Ancient Orb at Waypoint 4, to distributing Hutton Mugs to anyone that wanted one (and in some cases just dropping one at a Waypoint then seeing what people made of them). It seems I have actually forgotten much of the early stages of the expedition; must have been all that Lavian Brandy during the latter stages. I've started going through my pictures and memories are slowly coming back...

Still, So I'm glad to have participated, and kudos to all the organisers and event managers for putting this together. By all accounts it's been epic!

Now, I've still got a few Hutton Mugs left (been dropping one off at every waypoint) - who's still around and who wants one?!? #FORTHEMUG!

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Better late than never, I say!

CMDR Kadaran
Ship: Galactus 91C-DW
Arrival: 5/27/3305, 19:09ish IGT (3:09 local)

I didn't think I was going to be able to participate in DW2, as I'm a tax preparer by trade, and... well... February through April is not a good time for me. But the more I read, the more I became convinced that the time commitment per week was manageable. So I engineered the heck out of my Anaconda (with some help from some very, very, very profitable core mining trips), and showed up in Pallaeni in plenty of time to get kicked off the crashing server. :) Unfortunately, everything caught up to me in Mid-March. I wasn't able to participate in CG2, and fell off the pace after WP10. But here I am, pulling into Dodge Legacy Crater with time to spare. It's been a great ride (especially the time I got shot 4k into the air by a geyser in my SRV, which... let's just say it didn't end well). Thanks to all who organized, all who particpated (you're all great, every single one of you!), and to Frontier for making it a Whole Big Thing in-game. Let's keep this spirit of community going strong, okay? Fly save, always bring a towel and a mining laser, and I'll see you out in the black... after a loooooong vacation, I think.

- CMDR Kad o7
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It took a while, but I finally made it. Around 20 minutes ago. I was on pace at the start, participated in meet ups, even got my SRV 10 km in the air with some helpful commanders and had a mountain climbing contest while they flew all around me. After getting in a rough patch in my personal life I didn't play for a month and a half and fell really far behind. Nevertheless I finally made it and it feels amazing, I'm actually getting a bit emotional. See you all back in the bubble.

After a journey that took way longer than originally expected due to many issues that occured since the previous waypoint, Asp Explorer "The Lost Wanderer", piloted by CMDR Nystari, arrived at Beagle Point at 0:07 IGT on 28.5.3305.

Shortly afterwards, with the pilot being unaccustomed to having space-borne objects around after long time spent far from anything smaller than a moon, The Lost Wanderer hit the tourist beacon in the system at full speed with shields off. The ship has miraculously survived with 2% of armor left, but the commander's underewear wasn't as lucky.
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Congrats to all the latecomers persevering and still arriving at Beagle Point!

hit the tourist beacon in the system at full speed with shields off. The ship has miraculously survived with 2% of armor left, but the commander's underewear wasn't as lucky.
Yikes!!! I -very- nearly did the same thing (so surprised to see other ships around so not paying attention where I was going), although my ship has shields (and I never turn them off) so likely would have just dented my pride (and the beacon). If you need hull repair, I have some repair limpets and will likely be around Beagle Point for a little while.

CMDR Kopecky here, just made it to beagle point with a couple of friends. What an awesome experience, my first planetary landing was a bit rough due to it being on the view (At 3G's)....but i learned a lesson on where to find the gravity rating on planets! I survived with 40% hull and one of the hull seals was able to patch me up following the rather hard landing. After that the mining ops were fantastic and everything else was smooth sailing out to beagle point, though a bit slow due to real life constraints.

Thank you to the organizers and the amazing community for making this event a reality.
Finally arrived yesterday in my 32-36LY Krait Phantom, after getting stuck in the Abyss and having to back track 10,000LYs and then take Route 33. Thank you to Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii, all the other organisers, anyone else involved and all the people who wrote guides I had to use to navigate the Abyss. This was my first expedition, wish I had done some of the previous expeditions especially since I've been playing on and off since GPP on Xbox. Truly amazing experience!
Having just started this game a week or two before DW2 , I managed to cobble together a lightly engineered Asp and signed up ,more to see if i could survive the
trip than anything else really .. RL got in the way after the cg for Explorer's Anchorage but I managed to pull back a few light years here and there and finally arrived at
Beagle point about 15 minutes ago .. A little space mad but nothing too critical lol .

Thank you to the organisers for the time and effort and patience to make it possible , also thanks to Frontier for their support , I really dont have the words to express
it properly .

I'm now deciding on a long route back to the bubble .I may be gone for some time:)

o7 Commanders.
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CMDR XFightingFalconX

Ship: M.I.S.S. Behaviour AYG-DW
Arrival: 5/29/3305, 20:58:50 IGT

Thank you to all the Organizers and Cmdrs I met or did not meet. ;)
Fly safe and see you in the black o7

CMDR XFightingFalconX
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Finally made it. I was late arriving for DW1, I was late arriving for DW2 and I can almost guarantee you I'll be late for DW3 when that rolls around.

Also not sure of this or not but I might be the first person to make (well, most of) the trip with the just released Krait Phantom Frontier skin that I won on a live stream. Was still at Explorer's Anchorage when I won it so I was able to apply it for the trip from there. It looks good.

Made it!! Woo Woo!

I would like to thank all the people who put this together, I don't know if I would have ever wondered out here on my own, since I pretty much have never left the bubble before. I decided to do this since I was just doing HIres bounties and passenger ferrying, and was wondering what I wanted to do next, so just before DW2 started, bought a Krait Phantom, headed over to Felicity Farseer, got my ship to almost 50, and went to WP1, and the rest is history! Also when i started out, online I saw that EDSM was just for PC, so I started to write down each jump because I figured for something this big, i would want a record. On the way to WP2 I found out that Xbox now was able to use it, but I still kept writing each jump down with a few notes (which slowed me down somewhat) as well as trying to see everything along the way! Well I have since found out that our Galaxy is way bigger than I imagined, and my steno book is pretty filled up now (but i do have room to take a few notes for the trip back, whichever way I decide to go).
I would also like to thank all the commanders who encouraged me along the way, from the xbox groups Distant Worlds 2 and FleetComm HQ!! I was wavering at times, but with all you can do its, I did make it. It was great seeing all the pictures, videos that all the other commanders posted. And a big shout out to Exituz79 for all his effort put in to make what I call the DW2 Way Point Saga videos! (and the bonus The Long Journey Home). When I got close to making to BP, and I knew I was going to make it, I ordered my mug, which I can't wait for it to get here, and also the 3D Badge, which I just received the other day, which is awesome!
Thanks again to all from CMDR Phredd10!
CMDR Cybler
Roster #735
Ship: The Narwhal Explorer; Ship-ID: 3T6-DW
Arrival: May 31, 2019 @ 04:42:12 UTC

Made it!

Thank you to all the organizers and all the great people I met along the way! Also, thanks for making this a slower trip. I had to take about a month off and I'm happy to still have the chance to get in on time. Can't wait for DW3!

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Thanks for allowing me to join the expedition, even through so unorthodox means. I've enjoyed the route so far, did it all in about 9 weeks. Didn't succumb to the space madness (on the opposite, I found the endless jump-scoop-jump repetition akin to meditation - relaxing after hard day's work).

On the way to Beagle Point, I've discovered 1500 new systems (out of 2500 in total according to EDSM), most of which I scanned planet by planet. Not during last waypoint, as I was getting a bit behind.

There were setbacks. After thousand of perfect jumps, I once started FSD too close to a star. Suddenly, I went from 100% to 41% hull integrity. Two choices I had, go back (or self-destruct, which is no option for me) to the Explorer's Anchorage, which was very far away for me ... or continue. I went on.

The way back will be longer and even more solitary, I intend to go "east" and then "south-east" from Beagle Point, do a bit of circumnavigation of the Milky Way. If SOL-BP (with a trip to Colonia) was about 80kly, what will be this, 160kly? I have time, all the time in the world :)


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"Why is there smoke coming out of your FSD?"
"Uhh... no! That isn't smoke. It's steam. Steam from the steamed--"


You shouldn't afk around a star for 5 minutes while fuel scooping, because when you return your cargo door has melted off and all your modules are going to be at 30% to 0% while your hull will be down to 65%! I didn't die, but I was laughing pretty hard afterwards. You should also make sure you're far away from asteroids during asteroid busting, as the concussive blast will send you a-sprawling and your moderately geared Asp X will be left without 55% of its hull plating.

Did you know you can bounce said moderately geared Asp X across the surface of a high gravity planet 3 times before it blows up? I'm going for 5 next time. Ramping your SRV off a high cliff in low gravity is also a great way to see forever on a budget (landed that with like 20% hull). Thankfully that was when we were close to Colonia so it didn't set me back too far.

I made it around 12:19 AM pacific daylight savings time on June 1st. I want to say thank you to all the people who organized this, all the people on the fleetcom channel that answered my questions, and the awesome Customer Support department at Frontier for helping me fix my dang password woes. Everyone I ran across while flying was pretty great too. :)


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