Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

Mixed feelings about this. I was so excited about DW2 after the fantastic DW1, but due to real-life and different timezone, it felt a lot lonelier. Especially after a serious bout of RL put me behind the fleet by nearly 2 months, so Explorer's Anchorage to Beagle Point was a completely solo venture for me.
On top of that, it almost felt like cheating - the Abyss is not scary at all with a 50LY jumprange ship. It's possible to plot pretty much anywhere, there's no navigation required.
Same. Illness in the family set me back post Sag A* so I ended up doing the entire remainder of the trip solo. I very much missed the cameraderie of DW1 because of that. And I totally agree that the Abyss is trivial these days, where before it was a scary game of jumping on fumes where any mis-step could leave you stranded. RNGineers damaged the game in so many ways.
CMDR Sandstorm
Roster #11141
Ship: Lunacy Road, Cobra Mk. III
Arrival: June 2, 13h GMT

It didn't pan out as I hoped for me as I sadly didn't have the time to follow the group and schedule. I thought I would be able to keep up to at least Sagittarius A*, but alas.

A madness inducing dash to Beagle Point in my trusty Cobra and I finally arrived today. Yay, I didn't think I'd make it before the deadline.

Some random thoughts from me as this was my first exploration trip, for other commanders thinking of going far:
  • Every jump takes about a minute, so estimating travel times is fairly easy (and sometimes off putting).
  • Jump range is not as paramount as I expected (other than the earlier mentioned travel times). I have a 44 LY range and crossed The Abyss diagonally without problems/auto-routed.
  • An AFM is nice to have, but I would have made it this far without it. Only one emergency stop and one over heating incident this far. I have not been neutron star boosting though.
  • On that note, over the years Frontier has mad strides in minimizing the need for Heat Sink Launchers on jump arrival. I have two launchers with me and have only spent one sink in total so far.
  • That said, a cool ship is a great asset, more so than I thought. Do not underestimate the satisfaction of starting your next jump while still inside the scoop zone.
  • I could refill my spent jump fuel almost every time I arrived at a star while aligning for the next jump, and it made the journey much more enjoyable. This is also easy to experiment with before leaving, so choose scoop accordingly.
  • Do, and I emphasize this strongly, take a ship you enjoy to fly! I switched to my Cobra after reading others saying the same thing; you'll spend A LOT of time in the same ship, so take one you enjoy flying.
  • And finally, to those reading whom have never been on a long trip in Elite Dangerous; going across the galaxy will take longer than you expect. I read a lot before signing up, reading other commanders (explorers, obviously) saying that the pace was moderate and so forth. This is of course in the eye of the beholder, and my allotted time was inadequate to keep up with the group(s).

Anyway, I finally would like to give a big Thank You to all organizers! Well done! :)

Oh, well, now I guess it's time to return home...
Reporting in:
CMDR SonicWaver
Roster: #8962
Ship: A Ship With a View / 7KB-DW
Arrival: 25 May 2019 // 20:00:28 UTC +2


It was an amazing journey, from the excitement of building a new space station in the heart of the galaxy, all the way to the lonely, dark void of jumping through the Abyss. Many thanks and gratitude to the tireless organisers, participants and Frontier for putting this together! Onwards and outwards!

All stragglers on PC, I am parked at Beagle Point and ready to fix up your hull and canopy. UK time zone. Simplest is to ask in the FleetComm Discord #repair-requests channel, as that way I'll get a ping.
Finally made it to BP, after having to take long breaks due to starting a new job IRL... Nice journey, i still wish there was atmo planets added to ED that would have added a lot of awesomeness.

Still the view is worth it..

I have filled in the form, hope it's correct. I will take the long way back, as i intend to explore some less visited parts of the galaxy... Thank you DW2 for such inspiration to explore and go to the infinite and beyond !
It was a long journey for me. Farthest I had ever been out was 10Kly. Until now. CMDR Maia Posidana convinced me to join in on this crazy expedition and at first I was reluctant. Then I was excited.
So I joined. I got a fair amount out, and ended up having life kick me in the . But...I was determined. I couldn't stop and stare at all the pretties, so I made a beeline for Beagle Point because dammit, I was going to finish this if it was the last thing I did. Now...it's time for the return trip home. And that, I plan to take my time and explore the daylights out of as much as I can to make up for what I couldn't on the way out.
No exploding for me.

Date: June 3rd, 3305
Time: Approximately 6:00pm MDT (USA) (screenshot taken later after landing and shenanigans)
CMDR: Talynne Star
Ship: Anaconda
Name: Moya
Roster Number: 5193
Ship ID: 3L3-DW

Reporting in!

Cmdr. Inga Stevenson
Roster # 3368
Ship: SWA-022 - Krait Caesar's Ghost
Date: June 4th, 3305

Thank you for organizing this expedition! Couldn't see many of the sights on the way out here in order to be sure I'd make it out here on time, but it'll give me something to aim for on the way back. :)

And, of course, the obligatory selfie. Arrived at the base camp just after sunrise, and parked myself on the central peak of the crater. Unsurprisingly, nobody was there.

And now, I'm off to make my eventual way back home!

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CMDR Johnny-Shark
Roster #7135
Ship: Iphigenia [JO-09A] (Asp Explorer)
Arrival: Just before midnight 2nd June into 3rd June


For big chunks of this mission I was behind and at times I wondered if I would actually make it within the arrival window. There was a lot of jumping and I've seen an awful lot of M (Red Dwarf) stars in the past few months - watching some old Red Dwarf episodes seemed the obvious thing to do while I travelled.

"To Ganymede and Titan, Yes, Sir, I've been around" has gone through my head an awful lot while jumping. Even if both those moons are pretty far way right now!

Still kept me sane....maybe ;)

I'd never journeyed more than maybe 1,000 LYs before, so this really took me out into the unknown and well out of my comfort zone. If I was to do again I'd be more prepared, maybe have a ship that could jump more than 46 LYs in one go, as I seemed to arrive at waypoints either at the last minute, or in the case of the later WPs, a week or two late (make that three or four maybe!). I'd liked to have got involved in the community goals, as from the chats and messages I saw, there was a lot of fun to be had.

Big shout out to allcrowsareblack for setting up the PS4 squadron, groups etc. and to all the other PS4 players who I said hello to out there (even if I wasn't the chattiest out there; blame my old school ways of playing - I still remember being alone in Frontier back in the 90s!) - you all reminded me I wasn't alone this time haha!

In some versions of Greek myth, Iphigenia was sacrificed so that the Greek fleet could continue on it's way to Troy. Thankfully this time, there was no need for that ;)

If anyone wants to read my thoughts/ramblings as I travelled they can be found on EDSM: https://www.edsm.net/en/user/profile/id/70865/cmdr/Johnny-Shark

See you in the black. o7
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Roster #4731
Ship: DeepBane [SP-147] (Asp Explorer)
Arrival 4 June 23:00 EST

After moving and having to replace some things in my PC I finally arrived in BP. Her paint might be chipped on faded but the little Asp Explorer made it all the way here. When I finally get back to civilization I might get her paint redone... or I might just leave her the way she is!!
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