Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

CMDR dreamstation01
Roster #15162
Ship: Firefly, DR-08D
Arrival: June 5, 3305 @ 17:58

Finally made it to Beagle Point :D. As a relatively new CMDR when DW2 started, it was all a little overwhelming and the thought of crossing the entire galaxy seemed completely out of reach. And now here we are. I have to thank you guys for the opportunity and the guidance each and every week. I would probably not have made the pilgrimage had it not been for this expedition and for that I am truly grateful. While I did play catch up a lot of the time due to work and other commitments it is good to finally see it through. Thank you all o7!

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Hello friends,

finally arrived at beagle point today.

Nice - will soon start to explore there and ejoy the views.

Here is the thing - i don't remember my flight roster id etc., and i can't manage to search for it properly in the roster (as i am not really good in such things).
Well, my ship name is "WSS Phase" (and i believed that the commander name i entered was "waldgeist" - but it seems not; or i made a mistike in trying to sort different pages in thes document).

Can anyone help my how to find my entry? ...for the... Badge :)
thanks waldgeist
Thank you very much. Completed the arrival form.

As soon as there will be a great screenshot, i will post it.
I am very glad i made it (after a destruction i did not understand while repairing myself (partly afk); maybe i forgot the get distance from the sun, reason was some overheating it think); was 3/4 of the way and respawned at anchorage. But tried again!

Not so much time to play nowadays, so it was very helpful, that the time-frame for arrival is april to mid-june.

Thanks for the event. I will stay in the region for a while and enter in fleetcom-prive group asap.

Fly safe - and thanke, dreamstation :)
Finally arrived! I'd previously made my way back home from reaching Explorer's Anchorage (on 1st April), after suffering a little too much from "jump fatigue". Went all the way back to the Bubble, bought a couple of new ships... went and got the Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster. Then on 1st June 30th May, I read somewhere about the DW2 decal you get for getting to Beagle Point. With my new 59LY jump capability, I decided to go for it. Got back to Explorer's Anchorage as fast as I could (naïvely thinking "oh that's about half way, isn't it?).

Battled on through the waypoints until WP10, with two off-puttingly long journeys ahead of me. After a ridiculous number of jumps to WP11, I read on here about the lack of Neutron stars in the North line from Sag A, and how Spansh could help reduce the number of jumps in my remaining route. The journey from WP11 to WP12 was a good deal more pleasant as a result.

Nice that the final basecamp is actually in daylight too. I've done the paperwork for the decal, so will now take a bit of a break before heading back!

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Thanks to being busy with work (ugh) the Journey felt more like race than I would have hoped (the last 2 legs in particular were quite demotivating when looking at distance to go XD). However, today I finally made it in my trusty Corvette and want to express my sincere thanks to all of you organizers and the participants as a whole. Even though I managed to miss all of the official waypoint events except for the launch (and subsequent server woes) I don't think I would have managed to stay motivated on that long of an expedition without such a mad great group of people. Thank you all, and I see you back in the bubble......some day :)

Cmdr Kerrija of the Federal Corvette Kirishima 25V-DW
I would like to share my story here.

When I first heard of this expedition, I had played the game for something like 20h. I already was into exploring and had a DBX with an admittable jump range. After reading in on the turorials provided, it was expanded to over 57ly. I was impressed. So then I started on this journey not really knowing of what is to come. I was careful at the beginning because I feared the loss of my ship (and exploration data). But at some point (WP4 I believe) that fear went away.
The whole experience was breath taking, I discovered new planets, new phenomena and learned a lot about the game mechanics along the way. I still remember my first ELW that I, myself discovered. My name will stand for ever under that planet. This was a huge moment.
Sadly shortly before arriving at Sag A, my Internetprovider got thinking "Hey lets f*** this fella and cut his internet access for 3 months!" So no internet means no Elite. When I finally had a connection again, I was months behind schedule. I was thinking about biting the dust, going back home. But then I remembered that moment I discovered my first planet and thought: I cannot end this in such a bad way. So I sat back and raced to the finish line. Needless to say, I just arrived today. This part was somewhat sad, because racing through the galaxy is exhausting. Still I visited most of the POIs enroute and got some spectacular views. Got some new ELWs with my name on it.
This was a great journey and I'm really glad I participated. I once was a noob like player, but after flying across the galaxy I now feel more seasoned. Still I cant imagine how the trip would have been with the limitation of the early game. Thanks to Erimus for going the distance (again) and giving new players like myself this awesome opportunity!
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The Elsa von Brabant, 7TK-DW has finally reached Beagle point!!!
Thought not without a few dings and dents! Her CMDR, yours truely, Chris Longknife got caught sleeping at the helm a couple times as well as reading a bit. A few stars took offense at being bumped into and damaged the Elsa.
Its been a long road, getting from there to here... maybe too long! I think I'll be staying at Beagle Point for a bit before returning to inhabited space!

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Commander Reven Galfrey in game, just arrived about an hour ago along side Commander Komi Wolfrik (which by the way, even though it was mentioned upon discovery, the name listed in the roster is misspelled as "Komi Wolfrikc"). It was a great flight and while we both missed... well everything in terms of events and stuff (Took Fleetcomm until at least WP3 to even get Komi into the PG for starters) we both had fun overall.
This might be the wrong place but here goes...I forgot about the decal, until I checked and saw an email in my junk folder, however when I tried to open it, it gave me an error saying it couldn’t be downloaded from the server and now all record of the email has vanished...I’ve scoured all my related email boxes and can’t figure it out. Anyone had a similar issue? Does the key time out after a certain amount of time passed from when it was generated?
As long as you're on the roster, and were at Beagle Point sometime within the correct time frame, then all you need to do is fill out the form. I think the link is in one of the pinned posts here.
CMDR Drekk - #7039

I didn't know if I'd make it in time but as of this morning I made it to Beagle Point with days to spare!

When I started this trip, I had no idea what kind of obstacles life would throw in my way. First, only about a month into the trip I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat of twenty years Butterscotch, a most excellent co-pilot who kept my legs very warm as I piloted my way through the absolute zero of space. He was my best friend and helped get me through some rough times over the past few years, so it took a bit before I had the enthusiasm to do much of anything after he was gone. However I did finally get moving again, making it as far as Polo Harbour until my next roadblock, an emergency medical issue which required hospitalization for almost a week and completely upended my life, forcing me to rethink how I did pretty much everything. I have to say that at that point the expedition was one of the last things on my mind until I received the "Mission Accomplished" email from Dr. Kaii. Something about that message made me decide there and then that I was going to make it to the end of this thing before the official deadline. So I pushed myself, broke some habits (once you get into exploration and mapping mode it's really hard to stop) and after one final push made it.

Look, I know Elite Dangerous is just a game made by a company that wants to make money, I'm not so removed from reality that I don't recognize that what I'm looking at is just graphics on a screen put there by a complicated program written by a bunch of talented people. That being said, nothing prepared me for the emotional impact I felt when I finally landed on Beagle Point 2 and looked out across the barren and misty surface of this dead world towards the distant smudge of light that represented everything I knew and loved, but when that soft piano music kicked in from the game it hit hard. The distance. The loneliness. Everything that's happened to me since this trip started. All wrapped up in the knowledge that I've just experienced a virtual representation of a trip that humanity will likely never be able to make in it's lifetime. After playing computer and video games pretty much since their inception, this moment will stand out and I only have you wonderful people to thank.

Thanks for putting in the effort to make sure there was always something to see no matter where the route took us. Thanks for building the infrastructure to let us all do this together. Basically, thanks for everything. I may not have been able to be as much a part of the trip as I wanted to but I was left with an incredible memory nonetheless.
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