Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

Yeah, it's amazing how this game can really make you think with stuff like this. I took a screenshot of the galaxy map zoomed out, staring at the green dots of all the waypoints and points of interest that were mapped out in the squad I was in. When you get out there into the abyss and land on that world, even with other players, there's just something about it all. The quietness of the moment, the silence as one (at least I) lets what just occurred register in the mind, traveling so far, maybe with a group, maybe solo, or with a single wing mate. Crossing the galaxy in about 5 months, landing there and knowing that you are one of the people who actually managed to make it the whole way.

Checking the roster and seeing just how few of the names are now gold in color helps bring that point across. I'm still in disbelief that I made it the whole way. There were some downs, there were moments where I was just jumping "to get there" and not having fun, but I don't regret it. It was a moment, and an experience that made me realize what I truly enjoy out of this game. I got the game just a couple weeks before the expedition started (Steam winter sale and all that), and so most of my over 150 hours were both prep and taking part in this expedition. I didn't learn basic features like the FSS until right before the launch of DW2, but this expedition taught me that I like the exploration, the flying to systems and just scanning and seeing what I find. I think two moments really drive this satisfaction of this trip home to me. The first was when I discovered a system with 71 bodies in it, that's the most I've ever found. The second was finding a system with 5 stars in it (and some other bodies, need to go back and scan it) and the first star was bigger than the other 4 combined.

This game may not be perfect, but being able to just fly across the galaxy and self reflect once there while screwing around in my SRV is a moment I will never forget. While I'm glad DW3 is a thing that won't happen for a few years, I do see myself in my Krait Phantom called the "GFS Moonlit" (Galactic Far Seeker) in the black, just looking around for neat sites and awesome discoveries.

To think that I was unsure when I was considering buying the game if I'd enjoy it enough to warrant the $16 I paid for it (plus $10 gifted to me by a friend for ship customizations), now I look back at the past 5 months and realize, I will be back, I might take breaks, but the black will always call to me. I'm excited for the next expansion and whatever it brings, and hope to find myself doing more expeditions, even solo ones, just to see what the galaxy has hidden away. DW2 was a real eye-opening experience for me when it comes to this genre of games. Since Freelancer I've loved this genre of game, and I've played the Evochron games since Mercenary, but Elite Dangerous is the one I enjoy the most at this point, it really makes me feel like I missed out by not having the patience to play any of the other games in the series like Frontier. Anyway that's my rambling story of how this expedition impacted me.
Cmdr Him-Self #7250 here,
also made it to Beagles finally last week. It was and awesome event and thank you to everybody organizing it and to all the nice people I met in FC. I hope the group stays and we can have some more fun times out in the black. Highlight for me was definitely building the our new base and seeing the great Sag A*.

I have to say making the trip in my corvette was fun, but I think next time I bring a more potent explorer ship (more potent I mean more jump range) since RL tends to kick in and I was needing to play catch up a lot. So there was not much time to stray of course and do more sightseeing.

So no on to the way back I think i take the detour over Colonia - never been there so here is my chance.

Again a big thank you to the DW2 team - you made Elite more than a game.

Cheers and fly safe Cmdrs o7


CMDR Brian Gribbins #13037
After various real life events caused me to fall behind the main fleet after way point 4... and then an accidental destruction from falling asleep at the stick just past Luna's Shadow (dozed off and woke up sitting in the jet cone of a neutron in real space and taking massive damage) I have persevered and arrived at Beagle Point 6/8/19 @ 8:39 PM Eastern Time. Wooo hoo. Thank you to every one of the organizers, players, and Frontier.

This might be the wrong place but here goes...I forgot about the decal, until I checked and saw an email in my junk folder, however when I tried to open it, it gave me an error saying it couldn’t be downloaded from the server and now all record of the email has vanished...I’ve scoured all my related email boxes and can’t figure it out. Anyone had a similar issue? Does the key time out after a certain amount of time passed from when it was generated?
Send an email at kaii@dr.com.
CMDR Xangam - #4311
Arrival Date: 9 June 2019

On my journey I finally reached the Final Destination. Almost can't believe I made it.
Various issues stood in my way (sickness, low free time, bugs and software issues), but here I am...
It was fun =) Thanks a lot! Let's do it again someday.

Screenshot_0230.jpg Screenshot_0232.jpg
o7 Commanders out there!
Better late than never (good shipname b.t.w. :))) I finally made it!
After 65000 light years and more as I made a few extra loops, after having three times survived jumping through another sun to the actual entry point sun, after having wrecked 27% of my hull on a 2.3 g moon (I was a nooby noob at that moment), after having seen many beautiful sights, after almost giving up halfway between Sag A and BP and getting in shape again,
I am proud to say that I 'd "gone there, done that"!
AT this (for me;-) momentous occasion I would like to express my gratitude towards the organizers for having prepared this adventure for thousands of us, for managing all the extra things connected to this adventure to fill it with even more life, for the sheer passion for this game and its many aspects shown by this enormous expedition. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!
It was much fun following the route along the many POIs, although I avoided white dwarves, neutron stars and black holes as I always get scared to death by them... (especially black holes, I once hunted one in the dark, I felt very very uneasy...and yes, I have not visited Sag A* for said reason, but was ofc in a system next to it.)
Now I will check my astronavigation for the "way home" via the Voyager Trail. Luckily the Borg won't get me in this universe.
See you out there!
CMDR vCrausewitz
MS Wandervogel
DW2 #4551
CMDR Pdcf Xagql

I just arrived today after life got in the way for a couple weeks and a few long nights of catching up. I started playing elite around October of 3304 and not knowing quite what I was getting myself into I eagerly signed up for DW2. I am so glad that i did though! It has been an absolute blast exploring, repairing, and helping set the stage for further deep space exploration. Thank you all so much for setting up this amazing event and being wonderful CMDRs to fly alongside!View attachment 134300
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CMD David Haworth, roster number 9362 reporting in with only a few days to go. I've just arrived in my 33ly Dolphin. having heard that I'd need jumponium, I spent hours collecting mat's at iorant depot to end up with about 6 injections of FSD boost, only to discover that I didn't need any! I had to go round a loop to burn off some fuel for the second to last star (to get up from 33.02 to 33.4ly) but that was it! oh well, at least I've got some spare.

Now I need to head back down route 33 and slowly make my way back to civilisation. I also need to stop in at Sag A* because bizaarely, I managed not to actually visit it! I arrived at the station next door, then went to the 2000ly up point and then life took over. by the time I was in a postion to play again I was 3 WP behind and just aimed directly there from the top of the galaxy. so I still need to actually get Sag A*! still, I'll try and pick it up on the way back, same with colonia.

I now need to try and schedule in some regular ED time to make my way home again but that said, I may have to play something else for a bit too!

Pleased to have got my exploration elite, though I worry slightly that I'm missing the whole void opals thing which would get my trade elite too (currently on tycoon). also, by the time I'm able to fit the supercruise assist, I'll hardly need it!

Many thanks everyone!
CMDR MentalFS, #9408 reporting in.


I'm a bit late to the party. Mid expedition I started to fall back and realized I'm a much more casual pilot than expected. To catch up I started doing shorter but more regular sessions which worked quite well. Unfortunately my calendar reading skills could need an upgrade, because I somehow thought there was time until the end of the month to arrive at Beagle. So long story short, in the past two days I was more than 12 hours in my cockpit.

The whole expedition was spent in VR, and I could keep scanning all planets in all systems. Afte a short break at Beagle Point, I think I'm going to head to Colonia, taking a detour somewhere east of the core.

THanks to everyone who made this possible.
Commander Lassombra checking in #8109.

At 02:46:59 Universal Time Constant June 10th, 3305 The Beluga Liner Saphire's Luxury registration 6NK-DW arrived at Beagle Point bearing what remains of the Fuel Rats decal and the Ember Purple standard paint scheme.

Hull: 100%
PowerPlant: 90.6643%
AFMU refills spent: 0
Heatsinks deployed: 8
Times aborted route to find a scoopable star: 4
Number of limpets abandoned to make navigating the abyss easier: 22
Number of Hutton Orbital Mugs lost to NPC Pirate during first mass jump: 24
Funny note: Forgot my SRV hangar at the core

Beagle Point Touchdown event:
"timestamp": "2019-06-10T02:46:59Z",
"event": "Touchdown",
"PlayerControlled": true,
"Latitude": -16.018894,
"Longitude": 169.207962

Commander Lassombra, signing off at Beagle Point. o7 Commanders, Fly Safe!
Upon writing this I am currently about 400 jumps away (lots of stuff happened in private life, including a computer breadown, I'll spare the details), I am BLAZING to beagle point at the moment hahaha.
I was at Hypiae Phyloi LR-C d22 when I last played so now only the last 3 waypoint remaining and oh boy did I underestimate the distances of the last 3...

Hopefully I make it before the 13th...
This is commander noirceur from Federal Vessel FNS Gabrielle, reporting from Beagle Point. Few weeks into the expedition, just after the Explorer's Anchorage was completed, I heard the calling of the bubble again and returned. I helped the Operation Ida to repair multiple stations, I saved a dozen of commanders stranded without fuel... Why should I coward back then? Packed everything and got on the way again. Departing from the bubble at June 2nd, dozens of hours awaited me in Corvette with 40 Ly range. Seven thousand light years behind Sag A*, the space tiredness got me. Pushing a wrong button at the wrong time. Immediately realizing the mistake when the loud bang sounded. Only faded memories on all the warning lights flashing menacingly, Verity with her calm voice. Warning, hazardous environment. Hull breach detected. Cabin pressure alert. Fire in the FSD room. Canopy compromised. Evacuate the bridge...

Nothing could stop me. Once again I hit the road. No way back.

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