Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics Looking for Volunteers!


Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics is recruiting gatherers to help with prelaunch activity.
We'll be gathering every single rare across the bubble and beyond.

Distant Worlds 2 is the most anticipated expedition launching in Q4 3304/Q1 3305.
It currently features over 2300 members who've signed up for it. It will be the largest community expedition since Distant Worlds.
Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics is meta game that members of the fleet and others who haven't signed up can get involved in.

Before the launch we need gatherers to help gather rare commodities to store in our warehouse ship across all 3 platforms.
As a gatherer, you will be tasked to gather 5 tons of 45 different rare commodities that have been assigned to your platform.

The rares will then be preloaded into truckers who've signed up for the expedition and are called Truckers.

We're doing this to make this a truly cross platform event, requiring members across XB1, PS4 and PC to ensure complete mission success!

If you're interested, join and Signup here to discuss ship loadouts routes:
Discord and Gatherer and Trucker Signup

If you wish to be trucker, you will need to sign up for the expedition here as well:
you don't have to be flying a big ship with lots of cargo space even carrying one or two tons is alright.


Main Thread here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/399894-Distant-Worlds-II-Roles-Fleet-Logistics

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Thanks. I'm friends with Limo and company from Sacra Oculus. We do still need folks who'd be willing to help gather rares rather than fight for rares.

Oh no! I thought I had fixed it. Try now!

I'm already signed up so I can collect a few while helping to liberate the others. What are you short of and where/when are they going?
It won't accept my Discord name, which is "DerekSpeare". What do I need to do?

Hiya, you need to add your unique ID to your name. It sorta looks like this:

AislingDuval#2351. If you're on desktop it's in the bottom right. you can also click on your name in a text channel to bring up your profile to view it.
Hi all,

I would like to be involved in this adventure.

However I won't be able to be able to fully commit to doing all of it.

Could I sign up and just do part of it? Like the first leg ?

From watching other videos I have got the impression that is what some others do as well.

Anyhow this is just my only reservations I have. My asp Explorer is at the ready!

CMDR Cheesemantrue
PC side is going well.

We're in need of Xbox and PS4 volunteers to help out. If you know of any who might be interested in this grand epic. let me know!
I am asking again:

What impact will this task have on Distant Worlds?
Better carrier ships?
Additional activities?
Anything at all?
It would be a useless task without any impact.
I am asking again:

What impact will this task have on Distant Worlds?
Better carrier ships?
Additional activities?
Anything at all?
It would be a useless task without any impact.

heya sorry I missed your message!

This is actually a really common question/point/argument I've gotten previously about doing anything outside of what the game tells you to do.

So I wanna answer this as best as I can, because I feel there's value in talking about how we approach games with open ended content.

I take the nowrongwaytoplay approach to gaming to create interesting and meaningful experiences for players in the game. That's what Distant Worlds and community explorations (and events for that matter) are all about.

To answer your question: Fleet:Logistics is a metagame that added meaning to the endeavour by providing a fun quest and challenge to cooperatively overcome.

There won't be an ingame reward by the ingame mechanics, sure. But Elite:Dangerous has always been more simulation and sandbox than rigid game.
It's always been a game where you choose to forge your own path however you want.
If enough people do it, it becomes a movement and hey maybe the devs will take notice and reward it (no promises). That's how Colonia was started, How DoveEnigma occured, how Beagle Point got rename.

that said, We're not doing this for some extrinsic reward. We're doing it because it's primarily, intrinsically fun!

If that still seems like a useless task without any impact... well I can't blame you and won't challenge your views on that but i think the 80 folks who are involved in this would disagree with you. ^^

okay so.. hauling rares is a rp thing right.. so you plan to utilize jumponium on your way?
I mean it looks like the route doesn't go via colonia, sadly, otherwise I'd have a nice geyser field that drops polonium in the needle crystals and also gives germanium too ^^*

I'm gonna relay the infos to that one list thats lists geysers etc, but thought having infos about where to easily get that stuff could be useful.
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