Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics Looking for Volunteers!

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Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics is recruiting gatherers to help with prelaunch activity.
We'll be gathering every single rare across the bubble and beyond.

Distant Worlds 2 is the most anticipated expedition launching in Q4 3304/Q1 3305.
It currently features over 2300 members who've signed up for it. It will be the largest community expedition since Distant Worlds.
Distant Worlds 2: Fleet Logistics is meta game that members of the fleet and others who haven't signed up can get involved in.

Before the launch we need gatherers to help gather rare commodities to store in our warehouse ship across all 3 platforms.
As a gatherer, you will be tasked to gather 5 tons of 45 different rare commodities that have been assigned to your platform.

The rares will then be preloaded into truckers who've signed up for the expedition and are called Truckers.

We're doing this to make this a truly cross platform event, requiring members across XB1, PS4 and PC to ensure complete mission success!

If you're interested, join and Signup here to discuss ship loadouts routes:
Discord and Gatherer and Trucker Signup

If you wish to be trucker, you will need to sign up for the expedition here as well:



Main Thread here:​

To mods this is a repost from here to inform the Xbox One community as this is a cross platform communtiy event. I have a similar post in the PS4 subform.​

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