News Distant Worlds 2 Let's Play and My Last Livestream

Hello all!

We're streaming tonight (in our fancy studio setup), with Will Flanagan, Zac Antonaci (special guest), Adam Woods, Steve Kirby, and myself.

We'll be doing a let's play of Will's Distant Worlds Expedition progress, and we'll be chatting about the last few years.

This will be my last livestream at Frontier Developments, so it'll be good to see you all for a little send off!

Thanks again,

Hopefully see you later! - It starts at 7PM UTC!

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Nooooo, your last livestream... [cry]

Man it's going to be a real tear jerker that's for sure, but I'll be there for definite! It's going to be a great one!
I always look forward to the streams but not this one. Frontier's going to have a massive 'Ed sized' hole when you leave mate.
Before my time, back in the olden times:

Welcome to Edward Lewis our new Community Manager
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to welcome Edward Lewis who is our new Community and Social Media manager. He will be taking over from me as the primary Frontier contact here on the forums. I'll of course still be around but in my game producer guise :)

I'm sure you'll all give him a warm welcome and make his transition into the job an easy one!

Edit (found by Redden Alt-Mer ;) )
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