Distant Worlds 3 ???

The DW team are back together and have been discussing a few early ideas on what another event could be about, but that's all.

There's no other news until Frontier reveal what the new era content update is about. Until then its all speculation with no guarantee that there'll be a DW3. 🤐
As long as its not Beagle Point again.

If FCs are interesting and indeed do have ranges of 500 LY, then i see potential there for a Distant Worlds based around reaching previously unreachable systems. Perhaps along the top, bottom or edges of the galaxy.

I got a PM from someone last month whose still on his way home from DW1 :oops:. He'd been tootling around the galaxy for 4 years and hasn't docked at a station since DW1's launch back in January 2016 !
That's some serious exploration devotion. Or they got lost on the way back. It's one of the two :D

I got a PM from someone last month whose still on his way home from DW1 :oops:. He'd been tootling around the galaxy for 4 years and hasn't docked at a station since DW1's launch back in January 2016 !
You did a bit of that yourself due to that cracked canopy before DW1, iirc.

Just patched and took off from Beagle 2 a little bit ago. Think I'll take a leisurely jaunt down the Sagittarius-Carina Arm for the route home.
Hey, everyone!
New commander here, been playing for about 2 weeks now and counting

I've been skimming through events and I see people still doing Distant Worlds? I can't really tell if it's just joking around or a real thing.

Is it possible to participate in Distant Worlds now?
This is seriously possibly the best feature of the game, it's a shame you should do deep digging around to find it, after purchasing the game.
Welcome to Elite Arkendight. Distant Worlds 2 ended last year but there may still be some stragglers left out there on their way home. There may be a Distant Worlds 3 expedition too in the near future, but it will depend on what content comes to Elite in the next big update later this year.

If DW3 happens, we'll announce it on this sub forum, on twitter, and I'm sure Frontier may mention it too, when/if the time comes :)

In the meantime, yes you can still go follow the old DW1 and DW2 routes if you want to go and see the sights, but the official expedition is over so there won't be any support or rewards on offer now.
Hey, thanks for the reply!

I'm very much looking forward to continuation of these space voyages.
It's probably a good turn of events for me, since I can prepare for the upcoming content and be a fully-fledged member of the expedition by then.

How can a participant help in organizing the event?
Is it RP intensive?

(Updated Nov. 2020)

To bring you up to speed..

Over the past year or so, the Distant Worlds organisers have written up a 65-page proposal document for DW3 and have shared these ideas with Frontier. This expedition, if it goes ahead, will be one of the most ambitious and creative community-written events Elite Dangerous has seen to date. It'll encompass many different in-game features using existing gameplay and assets, as well as the new era content. There's also been discussions with one of the official Elite Dangerous authors to write a whole backstory for DW3 to play out against, with story-based events and quests for players to get wrapped up in during the journey if they like. A story-based and visceral experience is something we felt was missing from DW2.

From what we've all seen so far in Fdev's press releases, Odyssey v1.0 looks primarily aimed at bubble-centric and combat gameplay, and truth be told, very little of it is geared toward exploration within the wider galactic environment that deep space expeditions play out against.

And despite the proposal we've drafted, and the varied gameplay features and roles we've incorporated into these large scale community events in the past, we want DW3's primary focus to once again be on deep space exploration - and especially planetside exploration on the new revamped worlds that the Odyssey series is bringing to Elite. For this reason its still 50/50 on whether DW3 will happen with Odyssey v1.0 or whether we'll wait to see if more content for explorers is added to later Odyssey updates further down the line.

The DW organisation team are regularly asked when is the next adventure happening, so we know there's a desire to go again, but the timing needs to be right. These events take a lot of time and effort to create and oversee, and they won't get off the drawing board until we feel there is something for explorers to build an event around.. something more than looking for fauna, or the novelty of seeing new surface vistas on tenuous atmospheric worlds.

One other aspect that we are wary of is how Odyssey's netcode will handle Fleet Carriers, as everyone has seen in the past that large numbers of Carriers that congregate around locations linked to events (be it CGs, mining gold rushes, or locations linked to the story and mentioned in GalNet), can cause issues such as lag spikes as well as generally degrading many players' gaming experience when a system becomes saturated with them. We are aware that if DW3 goes ahead at some point, and becomes a popular event like its two predecessors did, then hundreds (possibly thousands) of players will likely bring their Carriers with them - and that's something we can't prevent, nor police when it comes to waypoint meetups or locations linked to our journey and its narrative. So we may organise some smaller-scale events during the lead up to DW3, to test the waters in Odyssey and see how potential Carrier issues will affect a larger scale event.

Once Odyssey is released, info on those events will be posted on the FleetComm discord server.

A decision on whether DW3 will occur in conjunction with Odyssey v1.0, or be put back until future updates incorporate more exploration-oriented content, will be posted here and on FleetComm once all dev diaries have been revealed by Frontier.

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"Atmospheric landings and carriers would have been a bare minimum to warrant the work for a DW3" / quote

Frontier have revealed its only tenuous atmospheres, and they be like different coloured sky hues, not actual atmospheres with all the things we have come to imagine. sigh- frontier - sigh
So I guess dw3 is a no go for now?
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