[Distant Worlds 3302] December 1st 3302 - Waypoint #24 (Reunion Landing)

December 1st 3302 - Distant Worlds Waypoint #24 (Reunion Landing).

14TH JAN 33020 - PALLAENIPallaeniA 1Brook's Point58.01 / -145.510.060 LYCOMPLETED
15TH JAN 33021 - SHAPLEY 1Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4A 1Laika's Rest-19.15 / 85.020.09800 LYCOMPLETED
22ND JAN 33022 - THE LAGOON NEBULANGC 6530 WFI 16706A 1 ATinné's Endevour-12.71 / 70.280.164,800 LYCOMPLETED
23RD JAN 33023 - THE OMEGA NEBULAOmega Sector EL-Y D602 ACamp Baatuta18.44 / -139.300.156,100 LYCOMPLETED
25TH JAN 33024 - THE EAGLE NEBULAEagle Sector EL-Y D2036 AMt. Magellan40.36 / 167.040.117,700 LYCOMPLETED
29TH JAN 33025 - NGC 6357NGC 6357 Sector DL-Y E222Drake's Ridge47.77 / -95.711.0611,000 LYCOMPLETED
4TH FEB 33026 - THE HOLLOW VEILBLAA HYPAI UC-G C12-62 AThe Zheng He Plateau19.51 / 162.190.0715,300 LYCOMPLETED
7TH FEB 33027 - THE GREAE PHIO STELLAR FORGEGREAE PHIO LS-L C23-2211 B'da Gama Trench' (Serpent's Head)16.10 / -167.730.0819,600 LYCOMPLETED
11TH FEB 33028 - NEW BOTANY BAYSPEAMOEA WU-E D12-543C 1Camp Uluru-67.07 / -104.660.0923,800 LYCOMPLETED
14TH FEB 33029 - THE ATHAIP WISTERIA NEBULAATHAIP CR-C B55-42 CMt. Hillary-15.82 / -72.290.1227,200 LYCOMPLETED
17TH FEB 330210 - THE AMETHYST CLOUDMYRIESLY EC-B C27-381A B 3BTereshkova's Ridge-70.26 / 47.590.0330,200 LYCOMPLETED
18TH FEB 330211 - SAGITTARIUS A*STUEMEAE KM-W C1-3421 BArmstrong Landing57.25 / 78.060.0830,800 LYCOMPLETED
22ND FEB 330212 - ALTUM SAGITTARIINYUENA JS-B D3424 F AGagarin's Reach-66.88 / -96.000.0632,800 LYCOMPLETED
25TH FEB 330213 - THE PHIPOEA NEBULAPHIPOEA DD-F C26-13113 EThe Needle24.58 / -178.400.3035,700 LYCOMPLETED
26TH FEB 330214 - THE DRYAO CHREA STELLAR REMANTDRYAO CHREA VU-P E5-7481B 3 AChrea Cauldron-19.63 / 39.730.1537,000 LYCOMPLETED
27TH FEB 330215 - ROSE NEBULAEORLD BYOE YA-W E2-40841 BGemstone Canyon7.70 / -103.580.0938,000 LYCOMPLETED
28TH FEB 330216 - THE GREEN CRYSTALEOK GREE TO-Q E5-31672 DThe Mound26.63 / -120.950.1638,500 LYCOMPLETED
5TH MAR 330217 - THE MAGNUS NEBULAPHEIA BRIAE DK-A E3038The Sacagagwea Tundra83.40 / 35.450.7744,500 LYCOMPLETED
8TH MAR 330218 - THE GREEROI VEILGREEROI MD-Q D6-5B 1Camp Amundsen-38.05 / -82.510.1848,500 LYCOMPLETED
12TH MAR 330219 - RENDEZVOUS POINTEACTAINDS GN-W C1-65 AColumbus Basin9.58 / -35.590.4153,400 LYCOMPLETED
15TH MAR 330220 - OUPAILKS FURNACEOUPAILKS BB-M C8-51The Pit3.73 / -135.701.1257,600 LYCOMPLETED
21ST MAR 330221 - THE RONCEVAUX CROSSINGQAUTHEIA BA-A E0A 1 AShackleton Plateau74.07 / 141.470.1066,300 LYCOMPLETED
25TH MAR 330222 - THE SUBLUSTRIS BEACONCHEAE EURL AA-A E07Desolation Ridge-48.63 / 108.721.2071,500 LYCOMPLETED
2ND - 9TH APR 330223 - BEAGLE POINTCEECKIA ZQ-L C24-02Darwin's Legacy48.56 / -35.570.1781,500 LYCOMPLETED
1ST DEC 3302
3 A
Reunion Landing
80 km off Barcelo Colony

Waypoint 24 :

As promised back in April, here are the details of the Distant Worlds Fleet Reunion event.

The main event will be held on December 1st 3302 at Mitterand Hollow (in the Epsilon Indi system).

Location Guide :

The basecamp is a few kilometeres away from the Barcelo Colony
Mitterand Hollow was the system used for the 'gathering' last year, a place where early fleet roster pilots helped test the new planetary landings feature in Horizons to see if large scale meetups at basecamps were stable and could work (it was all new to us back then!).

Mitterand Hollow is a moon that orbits its parent planet every 2 minutes! There is no place like it in the known galaxy. It travels so fast around its orbit that the only way to land there is to fly a retrograde approach and 'meet' the moon as it follows its path around the planet. Use orbit lines to orientate yourself into the path of Mitterand Hollow, and wait for it to come to you. Once you're in its frame of reference, you will automatically become orbitally locked with the moon.

If you've never visited Mitterand Hollow, be aware that there is a full eclipse every 2 minutes that lasts 15 seconds. It can be disorientating at first, so be careful when coming into land.

Distant Worlds was the largest fleet expedition of its kind, with over 1,300 pilots taking part. The expedition left Pallaeni in early January and reached Beagle Point in early April. Around 500 pilots made it all the way to Beagle Point and thus earned the Distant Worlds decal. The expedition even produced a book - details of which can be found here.

The waypoint 24 meetup is open to all pilots; those who took part in DWE 3302, and even those who didn't are still welcome to come along and enjoy the nights festivites.

The entire event will be held in the FleetComm private group, and comms will be hosted on the FleetComm discord server.

If you're not already a member...

To join the Fleetcomm Private Group : Click Here
To join Fleetcomm Discord : Click Here

  • Text chat will be conducted in the FleetComm #dwe-explorers channel.
  • For those that prefer voice comms, the FleetComm 'Special Events' voice channel will be available.

There a 4 events planned for Dec 1st :

  • #1 18:00 gametime : The Gathering - Pilots begin arriving at Reunion Landing.
  • #2 19:00 gametime : SRV Rally - An event hosted by Raijin of the Candy Crew (details on post #4).
  • #3 20:30 gametime : Fighter Canyon Race - (details on post #2).
  • #4 22:00 gametime : Whack-a-Rat - (details below).

    All events will be repeated 6 hours later for the USA/other time-zone players and will be hosted by Kancro Vantas.
Details of event #2 & #3 can be found on the following posts.

Details of event #4 can be found here :-

Whack-a-Rat :

This proved to be a fun event that took place during 'Beagle Point Week' at the end of DWE 3302.

The premise is that a pack of rats (players in SRVs) race between two locations.

The first part of the race is pretty easy, across flat terrain, through the basecamp, into a narrow valley, down an incline.

The final stretch is through a wide canyon called 'Sniper's Valley'. Here it gets tricky. Placed high on the cliff tops will be several 'snipers' - ships armed with rail guns who will pepper the canyon floor at any sign of movement. The rats who have made it this far need to run this final gauntlet and reach the finish line in one piece.

The nature of Mitterand Hollow (an eclipse every 2 minutes), makes this event even more interesting. For the blackout, its advisable to run with lights on... but that can make you visible to the waiting snipers!

Players taking part in this event must switch off the 'report crimes against me' option on the right hand panel.

A final word from me...

Don't get too drunk at Reunion Landing! - the Christmas Carriers Convoy leaves the bubble on December 2nd, so pilots taking part in the mission to Colonia need to be up early!

Details of the CCC Expedition can be found : Here.

The Reunion Landing events are scheduled to last from Dec 1st until Dec 8th. The main and official events being on Dec 1st... anyone who isn't taking part in CCC is welcome to stick around WP 24 and take part in any subsequent events that players organize themselves. Dr Kaii will be around to help organize followup events.
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The SLF Race "WP24 Death Race (death via telepresence)" is to take place roughly at 20:30 gametime on 1st December (and 6 hours later in the US time zone). We will also redo it a few times later on in the week long meetup, once people have got use to the track (it's a tricky one!).

Here's the track details:

And here's a video of me doing a full run of the track. If you want to be competitive, I suggest you watch it a few times, or even better, go to the track and practice. It's going to be mental!


This post will be further updated.

Darth Raijiin

Broke his phone.

The Candy Crew Guild would like to welcome you all to our final race of DWE. We will be holding it at waypoint 24 on Mitterand Hollow.
DWE's Candyball Deathrace 3302

We will be doing 2 races, on December 1st, winner takes all. One race for the EU CMDRs and One race for US CMDRs. The EU race will start around 1900 gametime and the US race will start around 0100 gametime. The starting grid coordinates are above on teh poster, and we will be there to help wing in everyone, We will also be utilizing Fleetcom private group to help with instancing, so make sure you gain access to it before the races.

The course chosen is moderately challenging in layout, very fast and wide open, but straightforward. The biggest challenge will be the day to night cycle of Mitterand Hollow, it will test your sense of direction and your driving skills to the fullest, especially in one of the jumps.

You are open to participate in either race since they take place at two separate times.
This race will be different from the past, normally we permit you One SRV and unlimited repairs. This will still hold true, due to the speed of the track, however, Race Control will be unlocking your weapons for this race, this will be a DeathRace, welcome to the Thunderdome.

We will be holding the races as first come first serve, but I am positive you will all face Nookie Mr.Smith our reigning DWE Champion. So bring your A game and try to take him down.
We look forward to good racing and even more shenanigans

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I might just be back in time for that. I'm still travelling back from Beagle Point. I reached Colonia this week, and am heading back to the bubble.
I'm going to suggest a change of venue. I've been part of (or at least tried to be part of) two meetups at Colonia Hub. They did not go well. I suspect instancing issues due to NPC traffic.

I'd recommend moving to a prominent feature a few dozen kilometers or more from Barcelo Colony.

CMDR grnbrg.
I'd like to come along and join in - my alt-account 'Hated Nightfall' is in the Bubble at Nervi 3A (you know, THAT mountain . . .).

Felix Macedonica, however, who journeyed with the DWE is still way out in The Abyss (and having a mini-adventure in itself!) and will never make it back in time for Dec 1st (that's if I survive the current events out there!).
If anyone will be in the vicinity, I'm aiming to arrive at BP by 1st of December to be there at the same time. :)
It's a shame I'll miss those awesome races though!
Have departed Colonia and am jonking my way towards the bubble. Curse the shinys slowing me down everytime I forget and instinctively open the sys map.
I was hoping to do something else that day, to commemorate 2 years of people visiting Sagittarius A* (as that day is the 2nd anniversary of my arrival there).

But nah... I'll come to this instead and have fun. :D
There's quite a high probability I'll be there - and not on my alt either, but actually as Cmdr Turjan! :eek:

Yes, despite over two dozen episodes of "Turjan's Travels" slowing my return journey just a teensy bit (and by 'a teensy bit' I mean several months ;) ), the time for that return is now finally at hand [yesnod]
I'm in the middle of the Colonia Core Circuit at the moment, but I've got a bubble alt that I'll be bringing. If you see a CMDR Setoh, that's actually me. :)
Well, im currently on my second trip to Beagle Point, so i cant participate if i dont come with my alt cmdr, which would basically be wrong as he wasnt on DWE.
But, on 1st of Dec, i will land down and enjoy a nice cup of Jaques Still which i will obtain when I head out from Jaques where im currently at.
I'll be there in my Corvette, the ROU Killing Time, with enough SRV bays to hold 28 SRV's! And if I have one left when I leave I will be disappointed ;)
Unfortunately Real Life has interfered and the snail-like pace of my return has slowed to glacial. I'm still 53kLY from Sol, so hope everybody enjoys the celebrations and festivities! Looking forward to some post-frivolity recordings beamed out here into the loneliness ;)
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