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With the announcements from Frontier at Expo 17 of new exploration content, discoverable anomalies, new ships, and a revamp of planetary lighting, textures, and new geological surface features, Dr Kaii and Erimus are excited to announce that very early work on a Distant Worlds 2 expedition has begun.

As some of the exploration community remember, Distant Worlds 3302 snowballed from humble beginnings into a massive fleet event, 1,300 pilots strong, that took around 6 months to plan, implement, and execute.

The purpose of this thread is to simply confirm that the expedition will be taking place, and roughly when, due to popular demand.

Distant Worlds II is pencilled in for Q4 2018/Q1 2019.

Yes that's a year away, but we want to build upon DWE1 and out-do that event in both scale and ambition, as well as have all the content FD announced at EXPO in place before we launch. Lastly, we don't want it to clash with any other expeditions so the earlier we announce it the better.

Updates on DWE2's planning and build up will also appear on Twitter here : https://twitter.com/drkaii


-Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban)

  • We want to create an event that challenges its participants, like DWE 3302 did.
  • We want to create interesting basecamp meetups and events, that include all what the first expedition had, and more - specifically utilising whatever new discovery mechanics the new content requires.
  • We would like to reach the same scale as last time or beat it, and then take advantage of our large contingent in the hopes the expedition might discover some of the new and mysterious things FD have hinted at!
  • We have plans to bring back the Distant Worlds weekly newsletter that proved so popular last time around, and eventually have it again bound into a book as a memento.
  • Naturally DWE2 plan to work in conjunction with the Galactic Mapping Project to discover, catalogue, and name new POIs, spacial anomalies, and geological features.
  • The expedition will encourage and facilitate all the emergent gameplay that explorers are renowned for into joining and helping organise and oversee certain aspects of this mammoth endeavour; Fuel Rats, Rock Rats, The Repair & Tour Group, The Galactic Travel Agency, Surveyors, Galactic Mappers, Scouts, and even squadrons that will hopefully be able to utilise the new fleet carriers.
  • We will put together an experienced organisation team to help create a memorable event.

According to the EXPO announcements, there will be space anomalies, new planetary features, enhanced geology, improved tools to utilise, and also fleet carriers. Imagine being able to use these new ships as exploration base ships, and have whole exploration factions bring their very own cap ships along with the fleet - this one is obviously speculation at the moment, but one of the other purposes of this thread is to give food for thought to Frontier that - with a year until Q4 2018 - there is hopefully time to give explorers and exploration factions the tools to make mass expeditions work even better than before. Bookmarking surface features would also be nice FD (hint hint) ;)

Sandro speaking about fleet Carriers:


A return to varied lighting, and a commitment to implementing interesting geological terrain:


If you're interested in another DWE event, please leave a comment on this thread so we can gauge what scale of event to commit time to organising. Even a simple "I'm in" post will do. ;)

PC / Mac / XBox / PS4

Specific destinations, itineraries, event schedules, and the overall goal that DWE2 will strive for is something that we can't discuss at this time, so please do not make any suggestions on those.

Finally, bare in mind that Frontier may not be able to keep to the schedule they have outlined and this may lead to delaying the expedition.


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p.s. the above logo is beautiful (thanks Qohen) but is not the official and final logo (necessarily)

p.p.s. Frontier it seems like I was just being impatient, you addressed every complaint I had in one go at the EXPO, so yay and thanks and forgive me!

p.p.p.s follow me @drkaii for news on this


Hi guys, I have updated my world famous EDProfiler, it now includes a chat-log browser, which you may find useful on Distant Worlds. Potential uses:

1. Check your chat history for the day in case you missed any conversations (Elite doesn't make a message sound so happens all the time)
2. Have the program show you who is chatting to you in real time even if you have the game minimised
3. Keeping a record of what you were doing, where you were jumping, who you were winged with and what you were saying for nostalgia purposes.*
4. Remembering the names of all your new friends (because let's face it, you're going to make LOADS)
5. Remembering who said what so you can be a good friend.
6. Copying something to the clipboard from the chat, like a star system or website (using the live chat detection)
7. Generally having an awesome time and improving the quality of your life dramatically.

*note the chat log browser reads chat from player journals, so it will work retroactively of you installing it


Note with EDProfiler you can also make use of its usual functions:

- Save graphics profiles that you can easily switch between, such has having some for planet meet ups that require lower settings, and one for flying through space with the supersampling at max
- Create, test, save and apply HUD colour profiles and switch between them easily
- More


Download here: http://www.drkaii.com/tools/edprofiler/
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