Distant Worlds II - Fleet Roster Sign Up Thread

Signing up (CMDR Reizla, PS4) with my jump Conda "Universal Migrator II". Will fit her like I did with the Enigma Expedition with repair & fuel limpets (so being fleet mechanic & (unlicensed) fuel rat).
Were those roles icons and other stuff supposed to be downloadable? I cant seem to download them..
yes it is downloadable, click the download icon on the top right of the google drive download.
then it will download the rar file containing all of those files, which cant be downloaded manually each.
All signed up. Planning on taking my DBX for now, but I might switch that out for my Asp X later on, especially if I want to do some mining for the megaship along the way.
#26 reports in!

Didn't finish DW1, had to go back a few LY beyond Sag A*. Had good reasons, yes I had. Now, should I have to go to Beagle before this expedition? To repent I mean? :)
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