[Distant Worlds] The Book (newsletters, memories, more)

Here's a video of the official Distant Worlds Book, which is a summary of the newsletters (i.e. the life of the expedition), formatted and made beautiful and functional for print (with hyperlinks converted to short links), and plenty of bonus content.

The Best Memory of Distant Worlds. Ever.


Get it here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/DistantWorlds

What you get:

  • Beautifully printed and formatted 76 page colour book
  • Special introduction from Erimus and Dr. Kaii
  • An elegant table of everyone that made it to Beagle Point by midnight June 6th
  • A revised map of our journey
  • Selections of the best bits of all newsletters, partially preserved, partially revised - a good mix
  • Lots of bonus content including facts about the expedition, lists and more
  • A secret surprise picture
  • Memories for a lifetime

Went for the 76 page version, getting it down to 50 would just have been too much. It's up permanently here, and there is no limit to the stock.
I wasn't going to bother getting the book but it's lovely! You have put soooo much effort into it I just couldn't not buy it. Very, very well done Dr. Kaii!. Creds as well to all those who contributed to it's contents. Truly amazing, no it really is amazing just because it's amazing (is that more amazing's than Dr Kaii said?) amazing ;)
I have been waiting for this to be published!!
Ordered immediately.

Thanks once again for all the effort you and so many others put in to make Distant Worlds an enormous success.

O7 Cmdr
Got mine yesterday and it's worth every cent. I imagine myself sitting in an armchair in - lets say - 40 years from now and flipping through the pages with a big smile in the wrinkled face. :D
Thank you Dr. Kaii for the further editing.
I wanted to get it, but it seems that the space to enter delivery address at this site is very limited and i cannot add mine... *shrugs*


Just ordered mine.

Virosh, if you want one ordering and then sending out to you from here (UK) I can sort that for you. Let me know?

Kind regards
Mine arrived today!.
So this may seen odd but my plan is not to read it yet but put it away in a box and forget about it, then someday in the future having forgot about it stumble upon it and relive the time everyone traveled the stars together.
Delayed gratification ain`t just for the kids :).
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