Hardware & Technical DIY X52 Pro + Chair mod

After playing the alpha on my battlestation below:

My wrists were aching from being on the controls at an odd angle, so I decided to do a bit of a bodge/ghetto mod on my chair.

I have a fairly bog standard office chair with arms like this:

So I thought there had to be something I could get to mount my X52 onto the arms... so I bought two of these:

They are pole mounting VESA brackets and were about £15 or so each.

I also bought some really strong velcro as I didn't want to end up smashing my X52 with screws and fastenings. This is a perfectly safe, non warranty voiding activity :)

Velcro chopping:

Velcro applied to the mount:

Velcro applied to bottom of the throttle unit:

Undoing the main bracket and doing it up around the arm of the chair:

These brackets are adjustable through X and Y with a supplied spanner so I have to ensure that it is at the right angle.

Tightened into position:

Repeat as the stick and throttle are the same size at the base:

The PS2 tether lead is fed under the chair as its just about long enough:

Win! :D

and hopefully no more arm ache..

Shopping list:

VESA Mounts
X52 Pro
Heavy Duty Velcro
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The Lone Gunman

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That is getting my rep for the day! that is genius, am seriously gonna look into doing the same thing and copy you, great job mate.....oh Black Sheep...NICE! :D
Bloody lovely but it work there. I will be following your leaf on this on and make myself one of these in the next week or so.

Great job!!!
A very nice solution to the problem. I went in a different more complete direction, but this one is much more viable. I'd thought of investigating such a solution but didn't do anything.
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Thats a great idea. Hey what are the dimensions on those chair arms?? I think I might try that as well!!!
The arms on this particular chair are 7cm wide and 2cm deep - this is about their widest point.

The mounts can take a width of about 9cm between the fastening bolts.
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