I think they should come up with several theme parks DLC to add to Planet Coaster like.....

1. A water park
2. Hershey Park Rides, food stands and décor
3. SeaWorld rides, décor and food stands
4. Universal Studios, Busch Garden and Six Flags rides, food stands and décor.
5. Walt Disney stuff
6. A sand box mode completely flat then you can add your mountains, water hills etc.

My only issue with the game is the mouse control still trying to figure it out, tired of seeing my rides up in the air wish it would start at ground level. but I'm still a rookie
I too would like to see theme parks DLC in Planet Coaster. I would love to see Frontier add rides from Cedar Point and Six Flags amusement parks.
Pharaoh's Fury ride. That's all I am looking for. Once I get it, I think I'll be content! :) I hope that's one of the next rides! :D But yeah, I am all for anything new in Planet Coaster. That's just my recommended ride!
I want to see these rides and coasters added to the game (They won't all be part of 1 DLC pack, they will be part of different DLC packs):
4D cinema
Chance Sky Wheel
Walk-through haunted house
Zierer Flying Carpet
Caripro helicopter ride
Motion simulator
Spiral carnival slide
Zamperla Nebulaz
KMG Experience
Wisdom Gravitron
Mack Inverted Powered Coaster
Sartori Techno Jump
Tivoli Orbiter
Zamperla Power Surge
Intamin Sky Jump
Mondial Top Scan
Huss Topple Tower
Soriani and Moser Top Star Tour
Mondial Turbine
Chance Wipeout
Wiegand Alpine Coaster
Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster
E&F Miler Family Coaster
Mack Powered Coaster
Reverchon Swinging Coaster
S&S Free Spin
Suspended monorail
Bumper boats (can only be placed in a body of water)
Circular raft ride
Paddleboats (can only be placed in a body of water)
Mack Splash Battle
Submarine ride (can only be placed in a body of water)
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