Do crew member flying main ship still maintain power distributor configuration?


I just got my anaconda and I think I'll use it to train my crew member, since it have mostly turrets, it should rank fast in a CZ while I pilot the fighter.
But will my crew member maintain the power distributor configuration all the time? for example 3 pipe to shield and 2 to weapons and 1 in engine?

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crew will move pips around according to their combat rank, so a harmless pilot will probably stick to 2 cross the board where an elite will juggle a lot more.
Everytime I return to my ship they have moved the PIPs around and are left in the same configuration, which is 1/3/2. This is mid combat also.

It's like leaving a kid in a car for 5 seconds and telling them not touch anything, when you come back the radio is untuned and the cars been put in reverse.
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