Do I lose my credits if I do a "Clear Save"?

Got to echo what iSteel says, I also deleted mine some time ago and restarted. I won't do it again because I can't face the grind to unlock everything again

You could try heading out to Colonia for a different feel and experience of the game- you can A rate small ships but not large or medium, they are B or C (this gives you a very different challenge), engineers aren't out there, the 'bubble' is smaller and easier to go from one side to the other. Stacking passenger missions (if you need cash) is easy from Ratraii to the three Colonia visitor sites (if you can scan one you can scan all three), exploring is very easy from there, mining even more so, you're surrounded by pristine rings. Many of the factions are actual player factions which again gives a different feel. To get back is a simple Suicidewinder away so you only have to do the trip once if you don't want to.

Taking an extended trip out there worked for me
[hotas] I have a decent amount of credit but am thinking of doing a "Clear Save" to start my ranking over. If I do a "clear save" do I just lose my ships (I would start by selling them all) or do I lose all of my credits too and start over with just 1000?

What are you trying to achieve? Clear save, does exactly what it says. It clears your save. So all progress. Everything. Which ranking do you want to start over, and why, if you don't mind me asking?
I like that idea.

Maybe even set a goal of one month so you do not go crazy, and take a small ship and go somewhere else, and do stuff you have not done since the early days, keep it simple, and have fun, and not worry about credits, rank etc...

Good thinking.

I mentioned that as I did exactly so few months ago. I have started not even 2 years ago and was working toward Anaconda and maybe Cutter (while reading how military rank takes ages). At some point I decided to get all Big3, outfit them for dedicated roles and then play as I wanted. Few months ago I realized I have fleep of 10 ships strong, among them Anaconda, Cutter and Corvette.

And 3M credits in the pocket. Lots of ships, literally broke and goal reached. But I faced new problems - so what I have Big3 when I cannot fly them due to no rebuy coverage. At that point I had 2 options:
- store them and farm credits to afford flying those monsters
- liquidate assets and start from earlier point

So I picked "soft reset". Sold 7 ships, Anaconda and Corvette included. Cutter, Adder and Python was all I left. Since then I bought FDL and recently Krait (adore her) but sold Cutter. And I feel no regrets. It is very refreshing to get back to smaller vessels without sacrificing military ranks, engineers unlocked and modules engineered. This way I can enjoy fully my Krait while slowly working toward Big3 goal again.
I have to grind my teeth when people say "buy another copy"

Why should FDev be financially rewarded for refusing to support multiple CMDRs on one account? Pretty much every other online game in existance has this basic feature.

If you buy a second account, you're supporting this stupid decision in the strongest way that FDev can possibly understand. You are making the problem worse!
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