Ships Do Modules Unlock For All Ships?

If I unlock engineering modules with an engineer, does that module unlock for all ships or do I have to grind out each and every ship I want to outfit?

Can i remove an engineered module from a ship and transfer it to another?

You can engineer a module in one ship at an Engineer base, as you know.
Let's say Long Range on an FSD, a common one, on a size 4 FSD.

That module can be used by many different ships. There is module storage at stations, and transfer mechanics to move it where you are now. Any ship that can install a size 4 or bigger can use that same module. Be careful not to Sell it by mistake!
Replace it with a cheap placeholder module when you want to store it.

You can also pin the blueprint at the Engineer, and use Remote Workshop at any station to upgrade another FSD ( in this example) module. Pin mods you are likely to use a lot.

It is much cheaper to transfer a couple modules than a whole ship. I store 3 FSD sizes 3, 4 and 5 so anytime I buy a ship and want to engineer it, there is a FSD module to start the trips.
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