do thargoid probes destroy my ship when im out of the game?

I found a thargoid probe and now im waiting for my friend because he got the sensor but im worried the corrosion will break my ship even when im out of the game :c I never did this before so i dont know
When you log off from the game, it's as if you've switched on a stasis field. For you and your ship, time freezes until you log back on again. Meanwhile, your ship is invisible, invulnerable and indestructible. If you have a cracked canopy and are running out of air, logging of will freeze your air countdown, too (this is the basis for the Fuel Rats ability to actually do deep-space rescues).

Note that when I say "time freezes", time still passes for the rest of the ED universe. It's only you that are frozen. Wars begin and end, planets rotate and revolve, all that stuff still happens - you're just not there to see it happen any more.
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